drunk confession // archie andrews

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IT WAS A BIT CHILLY. You were currently over at Archie's — your best friend. The two of you were just chilling and writing some songs. He recently composed one, but he wouldn't let you listen to it, or even take a glimpse of the lyrics.

"Hey Rachel, let's go get a drink!" Archie announced as he dropped his pencil and stood up. You raised an eyebrow replying, "What? Are you out of your mind Archie?" He smiled evilly. "It's just a break that's all," He said pulling you downstairs.

You two got beers then went back to his room. "For my songs!" He raised his cup as you did the same. "For your s-songs!" You slurred after taking down the alcohol. You two then randomly danced, just enjoying each other's presence.

A few drinks later, he was knocked out. You giggled at the sight of him hugging his teddy bear. You lied down on his bed, feeling jealous because of the teddy bear. You gently removed the teddy bear from his grip, causing him to shift to your side. He put his arms around you, securing you in a tight hug, just like what he did with the teddy bear.

You yawned, deciding to go to dreamland. Until, you heard him mumble something.

"I — I love you Rachel."

You blushed, kissing his forehead. "I — I love you too, Arch." After that, you found yourself slowly closing your eyes.

✿ ✿ ✿

"Um... Rachel, do you know what happened last night?" Archie asked you. You blushed replying, "Uh... we were writing your song until, you decided that we should go get a drink. We got drunk and..." He raised an eyebrow, ushering you to continue. "You fell asleep afterwards, hugging your teddy bear tightly." You chuckled as he smiled. "Is that all?" He asked once again. You smirked, "Maybe. Maybe not."

"Did I do something stupid? Did I say something stupid? You know it's a habit of mine to talk in my sleep," He admitted, chuckling nervously. "Erm... you said you loved me. And I said it back," you said while you looked down. "If it's awkward and you didn't mean for that to slip out, it's okay. I know it's just a drunk confession and you probably don't really mean it. It's okay if you don't feel the same wa—"

He put his hand on your cheek, making you look up at him. "I love you Rachel. I really do," he looked at you with so much love. "I love you too Archie," you replied as he pressed his lips on yours. After a few minutes you two broke apart from your kiss. "Soooo, wanna go out with me?" He grinned.

"Smooth Andrews. Smooth."


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