The Tape

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"A 'Gay' Valentine Date II"

Mordecai's P.O.V.

Benson... likes me?


"I just... Like you..." Benson said, damn... I like him too...

"Damn, when?!" I asked...

"Just yesterday!" Benson replied...

"HOW?!" I asked.

"Let's just go to my office."

Benson and I went to his office, I felt cold sweat. How come? I thought he's with the girls?!

As we went inside, Benson wrote on his journal, it was black and blue with a red lock.

I was going to read it when Benson told me not to, yet...

Benson's P.O.V.

I started writing on my journal again...


Dear Omniscience,

Mordecai and I were at the rooftop together, I couldn't admit it that time. Until Mordecai and I had the courage...


Damn those words. Those damn, words.
Mordecai suddenly kissed me here while I was writing. He shushed me when I was going to tell him something. I just want to keep it a secret 'cos damn.

Mordecai also told me that we are just friends in front of everyone. Damn, I want us in public. But I know that were part LGBT now. It's bad. But I want to. I just do.

"Mordecai?" I said in between kisses.
"It's weird." Mordecai said.
"It's okay."
"I think somebody is watching us."
"Yea, I also think so."
"Let's just play video games and pass time?" I said.
"Yeah, good idea."

Mordecai and I played video games, such as f/g (favorite game).
Mordecai won.
"Hahaha OOHH!" Mordecai yelled those words again damn.
"Hahaha! One more round!" I said.
"Yea-uh!" Mordecai replied.
I won this time.
"Yeah! Let's play stick hockey?" I said.
"Sure!" Mordecai replied.
We went to the garage and took out the stick hockey table and played. I didn't know Mordecai was good here, but I'm always better. Haha!!!

I won the round.

"Haha! Yeah! Imma beat your butt in this game now!" Mordecai said.
"No way. I'm better at this." I grinned and won, again!
Mordecai glared at his wrist watch and said, "Dude. If you really like me, let's just hang out again, secretly."
"Shush. Don't tell anyone, aryt?" I said.
"Yea, yea. See ya' tomorrow?"
"See ya', Happy Valentine's Dude." I kissed his cheek. It felt warm.
"Happy Valentine's."
He went inside the Park house then I drove to my apartment.
I stayed up cuz I couldn't sleep so I wrote on my journal, again.

Dear Omniscience,

After we admitted those weird things and kissed, we both played video games and stick hockey. Then after that, he said that we'd hang out, secretly. Damn, I really like him. I can't sleep through it.

The next day...

Mordecai's P.O.V.

I woke up in excitement! We like each other! But wait? Where's Rigby? Meh. I won't tell him anyway.
I went outside and found out I was late for the morning meeting.

"Hello guys, sorry I'm late."
"It's fine, I was late too." I saw Benson coming. Woah. Really?
"How come both of you are late?" Skips asked.
"We were up having fun." I said.
"Yeah, we did." Benson replied, "While you guys were busy having fun last night, we wouldn't wanna miss the fun of being alone together.-
On with the meeting... Pops and Skips...."

After the meeting...

"Hey Mordo!" Rigby called me.
"What?" I asked.
"He likes you back. Doesn't he?"
"What the?!"
"I know. And I won't tell. If you follow me."
"Fine." I sighed and followed him.

We went to Benson's office. And Rigby took Benson's journal?!

"You want to know the truth? Don't you?" Rigby said.
"Yeah. Yeah. I know that. So can we please go now?" I replied.
Rigby knew how to open Benson's lock. Damn! I gotta tell him that Rigby is invading his privacy.
I hurriedly opened the door to run to him but Rigby pulled me back in, locked the door and he kissed me. So damn hard.
Rigby was my ex-boyfriend. But we remained friends. I dunno why I still did that but damn.
I pushed him away. It was easy 'cos Rigby is weaker.
"Then how can I ever make you stop?"
"I want you mine. Even if it's just part of you mine."
"I can't."
"Then I'll show Margaret how much you liked Benson and I!"
Rigby showed me a VHS tape, I think it contains our scenes.
"Give me that!" I tried to take the tape from Rigby but this time, he was fast enough to hide it from me.
"Just cheat with me." He kissed me again.
I kissed him back. Damn I hate you Rigby.
"Damn. I love you." Rigby whispered.
"Okay. Can we stop now?"
"Yes." Rigby stopped then we sneaked out of the office.

To be continued...

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