Chapter 1

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Ave's POV

I woke up to a loud notification, I don't usually get notifications, unless my parents ask me to pick up my sister. I stretched my arm to grab my phone but i caused it to fall on the floor, "FUCK!" i groaned.

I pulled the covers off my body and got off my bed. I picked my phone up making sure it didn't crack it, yay i didn't crack. I'd like to thank me, me, and, the floor for not breaking me phone.

Anyways, off topic, I pressed the home button, it had a reminder that followed by saying 'Day of moving to Los Angeles'. 

I was so happy to finally move out of my parents' house, mostly because they didn't even care about me and my 12 years old sister, Polly. I felt terrible for not letting my sister go to LA with me.

I went to my drawer to get some clothes, I got a white sweater that said A & F on it and some dark blue jeans. I went to the bathroom took a quick shower and put on all my clothes. I put on some makeup. I put on my checkered vans and went downstairs to see my sister eating oatmeal or cereal and on her phone.

I went behind her to scare her, "POLLY!" I shouted in her ear.

"AHH!" Polly shouted and laughed afterwards. "So, you're moving today, eh?" She asked, while putting down her phone, I saw her say as her smile slowly fade.

"Yeah." I shrugged, while hugging her, "I'm sorry." She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. She releases from the hug. "Look I can try and buy tickets for you to visit me, when you're on spring break!"

"OMG, yes! Bring me with you now please!" She yelled, bringing her smile back.

"I'll try my best." I said as I was ordering a Uber. "You can text me or facetime me if anything happens, okay?" As I said that I saw her bus to pick her up. She saw it as well.

"Okay. I love you so much Ave, I will miss you a lot!" She said as a tear escaped. "I love you too and I will miss you too. I don't want you to be late to school." I said, as she walked to the door grabbing her backpack and phone. I'm going to miss her a ton.

I grabbed a granola bar and wait outside for the Uber with my luggage.

At the Airport; 10:00am

I thanked the Uber driver and went into the airport. I saw people, running around, crying, or people dozing off. It was pretty early here in Florida. I checked my phone and it was 10:05am. I checked in my bags and kept my backpack with me.

I went to the through security and grabbed my backpack again. I went to McDonald's to get some food, because that granola bar did not help.

They gave my food and my iced tea. I took the paper bag and went to my gate. I saw at least 15 people sitting, looking out the window, reading a book or dozing off to sleep.

I took a last sip of my iced tea and threw my cup away. I heard a old lady speaking," Everyone that is flying to Los Angeles, 10:30am. Please come to gate 23. Your flight will be leaving soon!" I sat back in my seat and waited to board the plane.

Plane to LA; 10:30am

While I was in the middle of the of Logan's video i got interrupted by the pilot saying, "Everyone, we have landed in Los Angeles safely, please do not take off your seat belt." I closed youtube and put my phone in my backpack from under the seat in front of me.

Apartment Complex; 2:00pm

The Uber driver dropped me off at my apartment. I was finally at my apartment. I look at he apartment building.

I went up to my apartment and I unlocked the door. I looked around it had a black and gray wood polished floor. It look really familiar, but it couldn't think of where i remembered it.

I put my luggage in my closet and got changed into more comfortable clothes and left with my backpack on. I personally myself hate purses, i don't know why.

I walked down Hollywood Blvd. I saw three guys, one of them were holding cameras and one on a hoverboard. When they got closer to me I instantly recognized who they were, Mark, Logan, and George. The iconic trio.

I saw Logan putting the camera up in everyone's face. Typical Logan. I saw them come closer to me and then Logan put the camera close up in my face. "Ayo what's poppin'?" he said with the camera in my face.

"Get the fucking camera out of my face or I'll sue your ass!" I yelled at him, he instantly turned off the camera with a blank expression. I then started to laugh before he could leave. "I'm just kidding. I'm a Logangster!" I laughed, causing everyone else to laugh too. "So, can I get a picture with you guys, if that's okay?" I asked

I took a video to make it funny, but we were standing there and smiling for 10 second, until Logan took my phone and hovered away with it. I ran after him but then he stopped and I bumped into him making him drop my phone. I ran to my phone making sure it was okay. It wasn't, my phone had a huge crack on it. Logan looked at my phone and me.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry, it's all my fault." he apologized.

"It's fine, I needed a new phone anyways." I said, getting off the floor.

"On me. I'll buy you a new one for you!" He offered.

"No, no I can't do that." I said. "You don't even know me."

"It's fine..what was your name?" he asked.

"Aveline but I prefer Ave." I replied, while he nodded.

"Where do you live? Not in a creepy way." he asked, chuckled. While we walked down Hollywood Blvd.

"In that apartment." I said pointing to my apartment complex.

"Aye, me too!" He said. Oh, no wonder I recognize the flooring. "Why don't we go to my apartment if you want to at least?" he asked and I nodded.

"Ohh, looks like Logan's 'bout to smash!!" Mark yelled, nudging George, and making both Mark and George laughing.

"Shut the fuck up Mark!" Logan shouted at him and all of us laughed along.

We were finally in the apartment building. I pressed the elevator button to go up, while the guys were vlogging and talking about some random stuff. The elevator dinged, the guys then ran in the elevator.

I closed my eyes taking in what just happened earlier. Meeting my hero and my favorite youtubers. Living in the same apartment building as my hero and as well with my favorite youtubers. I opened my eyes and then pinched myself making sure this was all real. Yup, it's for sure real. But that pinch, really hurts. The elevator door opened and we went into his apartment.


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