I'm a Jew,your a Nazi..then how the heck did we fall in love!?! *on hold*

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Anya P.O.V I'm a jew,He's A Nazi..then how the heck did we fall in love!?!?!?!

"Move along filth!" the solider spat in my ear. I tried to hod back the tears as he forcefully manhandled me into the dark and filthy hut where i will be living from here on in. Did i mention i was a Jew? Well yeah i am. And the solider that just called me filth he's a german Nazi.As my eyes adjusted to the light (which was barely any!) i saw about 100 other people on dirty,tight fitted bunk beds,all tear stained faces turned towards me. The place smelled like rotten eggs and pee,i felt nausea creeping in,just by standing at the door. The hut was made of thatch and dried mud and was so small even though it was holding at least 120 people inside. a thought had gone through my head as i walked numbly dow the tiny isle towards a spare bunk.

"18..18 and my life is already over..."

I looked about me and saw mostly the same thing,filthy clothed people which were dressed in white and grey striped suits,sort of like pyjamas. Muddy faces with sunken eyes stared back at me. As i sat down on the itchy,dirty sheets,i whispered to my self

"I hate my life....i wish i was german and i wish i cold go home.."

Your properly wondering why i wished i was german,well the thing is i look like a perfect german,an Aryan. All germans want people to look like me,blond hair,pale skin and blue eyes. Most of my family would be saved if we were german. Well except my little sister,Tilly she has black hair,like papa...he's already been killed,gassed i think. As i sat there,sulking i thought back to only a short time ago when i was caught and brought here...

***1 hour ago***

"hush tilly or they will hear us" i whispered urgently.

"But i want papa" she sobbed

"please darling we must keep quite or the bad men will come and take you away" mother whispered

We were hidden in an old warehouse,somewhere in the attic there,surrounded by boxes. It was all quite for a while but we heard them down stairs,crashing around looking for us. We think a german had tipped them off and they came to search the place.I think the pressure was to much for Tilly to handle because suddenly she started thrashing about and i think they heard us because we heard footsteps going up.

"Please tilly, be quite,please oh please be quite" i begged her

But it was too late, the door burst open revealing atlas 20 soldiers. They surrounded us in an instant

"Speak Jew" a soldier spat harshly at my mother

We all cowered in fear none of us could speak,we were practically facing death here!

"Fine since you stupid cows cant talk i will explain,we only need 1 of your daughters and the 2 of you left will be killed" the soldier said evilly

"you can not make me choose,please kill me and let my daughters live!" mother cried

"I will not ask you again,choose!" He said manicly and backhanded her across the face

"....please.....kill me instead...please.." mother sobbed as she lay on the dirty floor.

"since you wont choose,i will choose for you!" he said and grabbed me by the hair leading me forward

"Let me go!!" I screamed

And then everything went black...

***Present time****

As i sat there thinking about it,the door had suddenly opened and came in was a man who took my breath away. He was a german general i think judging by his uniform and he was an Aryan like me.Strong square jaw,broad shoulders,ashy blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. And i hated him. There was an older man beside him,which looked like his father,but at least 20 years older. They talked together in murmurs for a few minutes,when the young Nazi strode down the isle and stopped at my empty bunk.

"Why have you not got your uniform on,Jew?" He spat

"I was just getting to it sir" i said

"do not hive me cheek filth,undress yourself this instant and put your uniform on!"

I did as he asked,out of fear for i did want to love as long as i can. I felt a bush rush to my cheeks as i started to undress as he stood with a poker face,hands on hips.Though i heard him gasp as i lifted up my shirt,to reveal a red scar all across my stomach. After i was done he snatched my cloths away to be burned and i was left to cry myself to sleep.


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