32 pt. 2 • of last explanations and graduations

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"D-did he leave a m-message? W-why didn't he wake me up?"

I wanted to ask more questions. I wanted to ask most importantly, why did he leave now, during the time I needed him so much?

"He doesn't want to worry nor bother you, Win. You know how he loves you. He was about to not to tell me too, but good thing I ran to him in the kitchen."

Don't cry, Winter. Don't cry.

"R-really? W-why did he leave?" Speaking the last question was like breaking my heart into small pieces.

"He said something important came up in his family's business in China. He promised to get back here before our graduation."

Ellie's lying. Winwin's lying.

Winwin never ever really cared about his family's business. He never even tell stories or open a topic about it since we were young. He said he has so many reasons why.

Second, Winwin's parents aren't even in China right now. I know that, since I talked to them over the phone just yesterday, and said they will be in Europe for the whole month.

Third, Winwin used only used to tell that only if he's covering a lie. He did it number of times before, in our old school. And he just told stories about his new school with the same events, like when he wants to skip school, he would tell the teachers something came up with his family's business, etc.

And Ellie knew that well too.

"A-ah, really? Well, if that's the case... Uhm, let's just eat and go to school? I don't want to be late."

Even I feel the both of them are hiding something from me, I just let them. I don't have the energy to push Elle to spill it.

I don't even have the strength to pick up this spoon, as I look across the table, to the empty seat in it, which used to be Winwin's place.

Why did you leave, Winwin?

➹ ➹ ➹

"Today is Tuesday, and you all know that graduation is only a week away. However, you cannot put yourself at ease. There will still be regular classes, and if any of you skip just one, that will still count as a deduction for your grades," our class adviser said, earning numerous groans including me and Elle.

"So try to break rules this last week of school, and you'll get to be reconsidered to graduate or even repeat. Understood?"

No one answered back, but Mrs. Byun repeated, "Understood?"

We all sighed, "Ne, Mrs. Byun."

"Good. That's all for this class. Have a nice day ahead."

I was kind of wanting to skip classes until graduation, but I guess that would be possible. Ugh, I hate school already.

➹ ➹ ➹

"Hey, Ten! What are you doing? Are you still busy? Can I talk to you in private?"

Ten was fiddling with his phone, and there are the two of us left in the classroom. Elle was with Joohyuk, eating in the cafeteria.

The boy in front of me didn't pay attention to what I was saying. I smiled sadly but I tried anyway.

"C-can you please spare me some time—"

I was taken aback when his head snapped up and he glared at me. He had never looked this scary ever since I met him.

"What the hell do you want from me, Winter? Hell, you're so fucking clingy! Can't you see that I don't want to talk to you?!"

I bit my tongue. "I-I just want to apologize—"

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