32 pt. 2 • of last explanations and graduations

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Chapter Thirty-Two (Part Two)



It was depressing.

I've promised myself before that there would never be a chance – not a single chance – of me getting hurt by a boy since I broke up with Taeyong.

But I guess that would be impossible now.

"Hurt" wasn't really the exact word to describe it, but "devastated" would fit more perfectly.

I smiled bitterly when I thought of he word "perfect". It kinda reminds me of someone now, and I don't think I'll be able to see or remember that word the same way it was before.

"Good morning, Ten!"

I never missed a day of greeting Ten ever since that happened. I promised myself that I won't give up on him.

Yes, once again, he was avoiding me. But it was totally different this time.

It actually felt cold. He actually felt cold.

If I was the Winter whom I was before, I'd probably give up and just cry, and get mad at Ten and blame him for everything. I'd probably avoid him too like the way he's doing it to me now.

But I'm not the same person since he started becoming part of me, becoming part of my life.

Hell, I don't like saying cheesy lines but that's the truth. The truth that I was scared to let out, that I kept on locking inside me until it was too late to be said.

"Here, Ten. I bought a sandwich for you. I-It's a tuna sandwich, your favorite."

Our school life as high schoolers were dwindling into single digits now and that means college is nearing.

Ten, of course, as our class valedictorian (why yes he is) at the same time a basketball player have been so busy doing this and that.

Right now, he was switching into reading a stack of paper on his left then on the stack to the right. He still haven't had a break, so I thought a sandwich would be good.

Feeling that he won't even bother to look at me, I decided to leave him be. I smiled (even though he won't see) and left the sandwich on top of the papers.

"Be sure to eat, 'kay? Don't make yourself hungry."

But then again, no response.

➹ ➹ ➹

"W-what did you say?"

I don't know if I'm the unluckiest person alive.

Ten won't talk to me nor even look at me.

People from school started to look at me disgustingly, as if I was something they all hated.

My disorder started to show up again.

My family cannot be contacted.

And now...

"Winwin left early in the morning."

Why? What happened? Is it because of me? Is it because he's tired of always protecting me? Is it because he got tired of me?

It took all of my willpower not to cry. I have been trying all week not to cry, to show people around me that I'm going to be strong no matter what happened.

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