four ~ awake?

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When George woke up he was on the floor being suffocated by layers upon layers of blankets. He struggled to escape the warm fabric and breathe some fresh cool air.

He finally untangled himself with a sigh and stood up, picking up the blankets with a huff. He placed the blankets on the bed and stretched, ruffeling his messy and tangled hair with shaking hands.

He checked his phone and gasped quite audibly at the time. It was 10am a day after he went to sleep. Jeez those sleeping pills were strong.

George noticed he was in his boxers and a random shirt which was probably Ace's doing.

George left the stuffy room after pulling on a jacket. The cold hallway woke him up a bit. He walked downstairs sluggishly and found himself in the kitchen.

" Look who's finally up! Goodmorning sleeping beauty! " a guy snickered from his seat.

George looked up at the man, that Matt guy, with a glare and a growl playing at his lips. He definitely wasn't in the mood but this new person obviously wasn't familiar with George or his actions.

" Fuck off midget! " He growled harshly, walking over to the fridge and past an extremely high and drunk Ace.

" Georgie! " Ace squealed, instantly attaching himself to the angry giant.

George groaned as Matt laughed at his anger. Ace squished himself to George and mumbled incoherent nonsense. George decided to grab some food before dislodging the boy from his waist and sitting to eat.

" How are you already this fucked up Ace its too early " George grumbled as he ate the random leftovers.

" M-Matty convinced me toooooo " Ace giggled out.

George looked at Matty and the small man shrugged.

" Don't look at me Georgie he agreed to smoke with me. The drinks are his doing " Matty spit out venemously.

George flinched at Matty's tone and words.

" Don't call me Georgie " he mumbled.

" What should I call you then, love? " Matty replied.

George began to feel very self conscious in the smaller man's gaze.

" George... " he said softly, avoiding eye contact altogether with the smirking gremlin.

Matty simply nodded and grabbed a fag, slipping it between his lips and lighting it. George watched with uncontainable fascination. He couldn't help but what the gremlin's soft fingers pull the cigarette away from his plush lips and blow the smoke out.

George gulped, turning away abruptly and standing up. He threw his dishes in the sink and began to walk back to the guest room.

" George!! " Ace called after him.

George chose to ignore the dealer's voice and instead went into the room, pulling on his jeans and his coat. He exited the room just to run into Ace.

" What's up Ace? "

" A-Are you leaving? " Ace whimpered out.

George was surprised by Ace's tone. Usually he was very intense and showed little to no emotion.

" Er yeah love...gotta go check on me mum. " George replied softly.

Ace sniffled, wiping his face on his sleeve. He grabbed a bag out of his pocket and shoved it into George's hand along with a stack of money.

George froze, staring at the bag of weed and the stack of hundreds.

" Ace- "

" Don't try to give me the money back...I don't need it.. " Ace murmured.

He walked away, going into his room and slamming the door. George had a feeling Ace wasn't very happy with him leaving. George sighed, walking downstairs past the curly hair menace.

" Where ya going George? " Matty asked, the cigarette still pressed between his lips.

" Why the fuck does is matter to you gremlin? " George growled out, pushing out the front door and walking down the street quickly.

He heard the door to Ace's house open and the little poodle came running out.

" Wait kid! "

" Don't call me kid " George yelled, turning towards Matty.

Matty flinched, backing up and looking up at George like he was a monster. Maybe thats all George was underneath his skin.

He stopped, looking down at his shaking hands.

" I'm- "

" Fuck off man! There's no reason to fucking yell at me like I'm a child! " Matty screamed.

" You're a dick ya know! I thought you seemed like a nice kid but no you're just a dick! " He continued to yell.

George couldn't move. All he did was yell at Matty. Did he hit a nerve or something?

Matty went off on him until George finally just slapped his hand over the small man's mouth.

Matty glared at George and huffed.

" I was gonna say I was sorry but nevermind, " George whispered.

Matty's eyes softened and he frowned under George's hand. He knew he shouldn't have blown up at George but he couldn't help but let his anger consume him.

George released Matty, turning with tense shoulders and walking home. His heart felt heavy and his head hurt from all the yelling.

When he arrived back at his house with the mone, he nearly tripped up the porch from the excitement.

" Mum!! I got money to helo with your treatment! " George called.

No reply.

" Mum?! " still no reply.

He began to feel sick. He checked all the rooms downstairs.

" MUM?! " He yelled as loudly as possible.

The house was eerily silent. Tears already piled up behind George's eyes. Please don't let this day get any worse.

He ran upstairs and stepped into his Mum's room. What he found in there forced sobs from between his lips.

" Mum? " the women in her bed stayed still.

A cloth with red splattered on it lay in her hand. George fell to the floor, letting his sobs consume him. There was nothing he could do anymore.

He was nothing.

He was invisible.

He was gone.


Holy shit that was a roller coaster.

I was gonna spread this chapter into two but I just got a new idea for the story so i bunched it all into one chapter.

I hope you guys enjoyed that!

I love you all!!!

Xx ghxstlyxterrors

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