Temari !!!!!

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It's been another day of walking and Naruto was still hurt. He had been grimacing all day and Ino Said that she could heal him but he declined. "Naruto you're hurt if you won't let me heal you I'll just stay in suna and you can go with temari by yourself and Sakura will beat the hell out of you when you get to her." "Fine but you were the one who begged to go with me." Ino blushed at that comment.

A day later the two blondes arrive at suna

A day later the two blondes arrive at suna. Temari and gaara there to greet them "As stunning as ever Tema-chan." Naruto complemented. "Thanks Naruto-Kun." Temari replied. "Long time no see bro!" Gaara and naruto both say at the same time."hI it's been a while" temari and Ino say to each other

Kankura soon appears and greets naruto and Ino. "We have a ball in a hour and gaara and tema both don't have dates perhaps you might like to take them to the ball and you could also attend the ball." "Sure." Naruto said. "Naru-" Ino got cut off by naruto "see ya later Ino I'm gonna go and ask tema to go to the ball with me." 'You bastard, I was gonna ask you to go with me!' Ino thought.

Naruto dressed up in a suite and tie and went to buy flowers and a necklace. The last and most nerve wracking part came. He was about to ask temari to go to the ball with him.                                      

He plucked up the courage and walked up to temari

He plucked up the courage and walked up to temari. "Tema-chan will you go to the ball with me?" 

What will Temari say ? And will gaara ask Ino ?

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