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Hey, it's me again.

So....I decided to be a good person and come to class again.

Hahahahah! If you thought that was true....sucker!

The only reason I am here is because.....I'm failing.

Failing at resisting Jungkook cause he begged me to be with him while he takes the math test.

He said, quote on quote, "I don't want to be alone"....

I guess Jimin doesn't mean anything because he's in the same class.

And while Jungkook is 'shook' from the math questions, I just keep doing the twirling my pen around.

Glancing on the question he's working so hard on, I laugh....and cry because of the secret meaning behind this equation.



If you know Tokyo Ghoul, raise your hand.

Anyways...I just texted him the answers....for almost the whole quiz.

At first, he looked up, making a "what do you mean" expression.

But then he gave into my evilness because he was even sweating on the question about what the date was.

Later this day

"I know you guys have finished your math test, but there are some questions that need to be reviewed.
For example, what is 1000-7"

WHYYYYY???!!! Does god hate me??? Out of all the questions.....oh wait, she didn't call on me.

"Hoseok, can you answer the question?"

"I can......"

"Well what is it?"



"Hyuuunnggg~ why did you send me the answers? Right when I saw one of the answers, I couldn't erase it from my mind!"

"I'm sworry *pouty face*"

"Fine Hoseok"




"Namjoon, why are you laughing?"

"T- tr-"

"Tr what?"


I turned around and whispered, "fucking Namjoon"

"Tell me about it" I hear Tae say. (Ha, that rhymes)

"I know right" Although I replied, Taehyung just stared at me....
And used hand motions to tell me to continue...

"What Tae?"

"Tell me about it"

"Tell me about what?"

"About Fucking Namjoon"


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