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Pen Your Pride

7 Deadly Sins

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"Finally! Semestral break starts!" Naomi Burns cheered as she punches her fist in the air. With fierce light brown eyes filled with excitement as her chocolate brunette waves in the soft breeze of fall. Her dog tag that hangs on her neck clanged into each other.

Naomi is a determined and mischievous girl, she likes to compete and win any challenge... when it's a game. Yet it is ironic that her part in their group is Sloth, being the laziest and careless one in real life situations. But even though that's her personality, she and Sandra are the ones who create the bands' song lyrics. She's the youngest in the band at the age of 16 years old. Her dad is an army sergeant so she's also known as the war freak in the group.

"Yeah! No more assignments, school reports and annoying teachers!" Grey Thompson added, joining her celebration.

"So where are we headed again, Sandra?" Naomi asked, eager to leave California.

"Were traveling from California to Washington.”  Sandra Miller answered as she looks at the map.

"I could use some help here." Randy Shughart said with pleading brown eyes as he struggled to carry Naomi's drum set to our van. The sweat from his black hair drenched on his forehead. His pumped up muscles are covered with veins to show off how hard he worked all day. He's the equipment manager of our band. He's the one who usually fixes, cleans and makes sure our instruments will play right. He's Gluttony in our group and only works for the food he'll get to eat in our travels. But he's really a nice and caring guy, he'll always be there to listen to your problems when you need it. He has black hair, brown eyes and darkly tanned skin, he's 18 years old.

"Your equipment manager, it's your job dude." Grey answered lazily.

 "Grey stop being a jerk and help him already." Naomi demanded as she crossed her arms.

"Pff, whatever…" Grey said shooting a glare at Naomi as he helped Randy carry the heavy drums and put it on the back of Tyree's silver Volvo XC60.

Sandra just went in the passenger seat focused on the map, she was always the one who organizes things. Sometimes I think our manager, Cliff is worthless when Sandra's around. Sandra is the oldest member of our band, she's 19 years old. Sandra is a sweet and mother like person in our group. She's the one who you'll find always concern of things and ready to help. But as envy in our band of 7 Deadly Sins, she has her own dark side. She's our singer and pianist. She has sparkling blue eyes, slightly curly blonde hair and snow white skin.

Grey on the other hand, is an aloof and bad tempered person. He didn't get the role of Anger for nothing, Naomi usually pick fights with him but always end up being friends again. He's the acoustic and base guitar player. He has white skin, goldish brown hair and dark eyes, he's 17 years old. He seems to have a little crush on Sandra ever since they were kids and he sucks at denying it. 

Naomi lay back on the side of the car with crossed arms waiting for the other members. The beautiful autumn wind blew her hair a bit, inhaling the fresh clean air of the season. She stared at the brown leaves that fell from the trees to join the piles of leaves on the sides of the street. Autumn, the season when everything slowly dies. The colors of orange and brown flood your vision everywhere you turn. The sight of animals preparing for hibernation or migration. The car was parked on the road and their mansion is on top of a hill in which you have to climb a long stair case from the street to the mansion. It's the biggest thing you could see in the subdivision. The clean white polished marble of the mansion's structure and the enormous balcony protruding at the front, granting view to the whole village.

"Hey Naomi!" Naomi turned to the person calling her name, it was Janel Flynn running towards her with her usual soft smile.

Her old best friend since they were 8th graders. So if there's anyone in the group who knows Naomi the best, it's Janel. She has always been the one to bring up naughty thoughts in our simple conversations, earning her the sin of Lust. Janel has light green eyes, fairly white skin and long black hair that followed her from behind, she's 17 years old. She carried her huge blue backpack, ready for traveling.

"Hey lust." Naomi replied with a cheerful smile.

"Why do you always call me lust? I have a name you know." Janel reprimanded with a playful smile and an eye brow up.

"Nah, I like calling you lust cause it's true." Naomi scoffed with her smile turning into an impish smirk, moving slightly closer to Janel.

"So, why aren't you in the van yet? Waiting for your boy candy?" Janel teased maliciously.

"Haha! Why do you always turn the mocking session to me?" Naomi laughed.

"Well I'm going in the air conditioned car now. See ya." Janel said as she jumped in the passenger seat, sitting next to Sandra then they started to chat.

Naomi just stayed outside waiting for the last member of their band. She wore a glare and a frown of disappointment yelling in her thoughts 'What's taking him so long!?’. Then someone covers her eyes from behind.

"Guess who." The unknown person teased. Naomi chuckled.

"Who else? You're Tyree, duh." Naomi responded as the hands that covered her eyes were off.

Naomi turned around to see her boyfriend, Tyree Morgan. His glistening blue eyes shine on the sun light. With a simple smile, his jet black hair is spiked up covered with gel. Tyree is a tall muscular guy (not too thin and not too buffed up like one of those creepy huge muscled body builders, he's just perfect). He's Pride in the band and is always the one boasting about how awesome our band is. He is our lead singer and electric guitarist. He's dauntless and open minded. And he's 2 years older than Naomi. His father is a corporal in the SWAT organization.

"Lucky guess, army girl." Tyree said a light-hearted smirk.

"It was pretty obvious, swat boy." Naomi replied with the same flippant tone.

Naomi and Tyree had been together for 2 years, but they had known each other for 5 years. Their band had been made last summer, in their music class. So ever since they made the '7 Deadly Sins', they had been doing a lot of concerts for many occasions in Los Angeles. This is the first time that they had been asked to do a concert in a different state. So they have to travel from LA to Washington.


Author's Note: My first ever liberated story :D

thought appeared when i was playing GTA XD 

i wanna make a story full of action/suspense and other gta stuff :3

so what do you think? should i continue?

good? bad? chocolates? 

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