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Grief truly is depressing, it's my mortal enemy

Wonderful memories of the past that I desperately miss

When you gave me a friendship necklace, kinda girly don't ya think?

You had the same only with darker colors, to prove that you're the guy?

You act so goofy and weird around me

I just think that it's really normal because we're friends

When we're classmates, you always seat next to me

When we're not, you go to my classroom every break time

One day I finally agreed, that we can have lunch together

With just the two of us

You wanted to buy me lunch but I already had my own

You loved it when we played tag

You challenge me at everything

Even when it was summer vacation to break us apart

You kept calling me every single day

You were always there for me

Willing to help and listen to my problems

Still want to know what's going on with my life

Even if we have nothing to say

You can think of many ways to make me laugh

Hoping that one day, after everything you've done

I might love you back

But I was ignorant and stupid

I might have said things that hurt you

I might have did things that wounded you

My ignorance may have lost your patience

And now I'm paying for that mistake

Now I'm consumed with the retaliation of your ignorance

As the overwhelming grief strangles me

Our memories keep flooding into my mind

Bringing a throbbing pain

To the place where our friendship used to be

This unbearable bleeding that I'm enduring

I'm still fighting this war

Forcing your curse off me

It stabs me every time you walk by

I wish that you're just wearing a mask

I'd rather admit how I got fooled

Than accept the fact that it's not a mask

I know how your life became so much better when you change

And I'm so happy for you as a friend

But please never forget who you were before

Because that's the guy who I truly miss...

~your attention was totally focused on me before. But now that you don't care, I feel lost~

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