Chapter 30

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-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

I lightly pull my hair as my anxiety grows with each damn second that me and Phillip spend talking about Bill.

"We have to go." Phillip says for the hundredth time since he brought up the topic.

"No. We're not leaving." I say as I finally let go off my messed up hair.

"Bruno, they'll find us and arrest us! Why can't you understand that?!" Phillip yells.

"And we're do we go? We don't have exactly have a family to go to!" I say much louder than expected.

"We can decide that later!"

"No!" My voice echoes through the whole room.


I step back as a loud shot is heard all over the house.

"What was that?" Phillip asks as he starts taking out a gun from under his belt.

My body stiffens and fear takes over. Beads of sweat start forming in my forehead and slowly slide down as I wait for another sound but there is pure silence. Then it hits me.


I run out of the room, heartbeat increasing and palms sweating.

"Nala!" I yelled as I ran all around the house for any sign of the blue eyed girl. "Nala where are you!"

I ran downstairs, desperately trying to find a sign of Nala when I noticed an open door.


I waited for a response as the echo of my voice rang through the familiar room. Nothing. I ran inside the hidden room and felt a pain in my chest as I noticed one of the hand guns missing.

Please no.

"Nala!" I yelled in the loudest voice possible when I saw drops of blood.


I ran towards the red drops and came face to face with Nala, her left hand bleeding.


I threw myself on the floor, reaching for her hand.

"What happened?!" I ask the bleeding girl as the pain in my chest grew.

"I..." She started as beads of sweat started forming in her forehead and blood kept dripping down.

I took Nala's arms and pulled her into my arms. I put her in my arms as I ran out and carried her back upstairs. Even though I was running and even though the only thing bleeding was her hand, I felt as if she wouldn't make it.

--------------NALA'S P.O.V---------------

He's dangerous. He's a criminal. You'll end up dead with him. He's no good for you.

I opened my eyes as the voices inside my head disappeared. I blinked multiple times as my surroundings became clear and I immediately recognized this as Bruno's room.

I sat up from my laying down position as a shock of pain was felt coming from my left hand. I lifted up my injured hand and saw bandages covering every inch of it. I tried closing my hand but the pain returned.

What happened?

As the question appeared in my head, the door slowly opened by Phillip who was in the other side.

"Hey, you're awake." Phillip said as he walked inside the room and closed the door.

"Yeah..." Was my simple response.

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