Miles Apart- Chapter 1 (The Boy Next Door Sequel)

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Hey my loves <3 So here it is...the long awaited sequel to The Boy Next Door.

I'm excited, but super nervous to see if you all like it. Please let me know in the comments! I love you all and I'm glad you've stuck through the waiting process with me. I appreciate the patience :)

Hope you enjoy!

xoxo- Annika

Chapter 1- Colby

  “Hails! Babe! Hurry up!” I called as I walked into Hailey’s room.
  “Sorry! I couldn’t find my earrings.” She called back, looking at herself in the mirror. Her shiny blonde hair was curled, reaching her waist. She wore a cobalt blue dress which showed off her sun-kissed skin. She was putting pearls in her ears, to match her pearl bracelet. Her shoes were nude colored heels. I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her waist.
  “You look beautiful.” I smirked, kissing her rosy cheek.
  She blushed even more, grabbing her cap and gown from her bed and taking my hand in hers.
  “Mom! We’re leaving! See you later!” She yelled into the kitchen where her mom stood, preparing food for the party after graduation.
  “Bye Sweetie!” Her mom called as Hailey slammed the front door shut behind her.
  We drove to Riviera High School. During the past four years there, me and Hailey had fallen in true love at this place.
  “I’m going to miss this place so much.” Hailey sighed, looking around outside of her window.
  “Me too. We have so many memories here.”
  She smiled, laughing to herself. I was so lucky to have her as mine. Hailey was perfect. I didn’t know how I was going to live without seeing her beautiful face everyday.
  “What time is it?” She asked, her eyes lighting up.
  “Two thirty, why?”
  “Come on!” She laughed, grabbing my hand and pulling me down the freshman hallway with her.
  “It’s still here!” She squealed, pointing at a spot on the wall.
  “Hailey plus Colby forever?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.
  “Me and Rachelle wrote it on the last day of school freshman year. We thought we were rebels.”
  “Here lets take a picture by it!” She smiled.
  I rolled my eyes as she held the camera out in front of us.
  “Got it! Let’s go.” She smiled widely. We ran back to the auditorium just in time to take our seats.
  Students and teachers made speeches, and soon names were being called to receive diplomas.
  “Hailey Chapman.” Mr. Rodriguez, the principle, called out from the podium.
  I smiled and clapped. She gracefully walked to the stage, shaking hands and smiling brightly for the camera. She walked off of the stage, waving to me as she walked by. I waved back, waiting for my name.
  “Colby Torrez.” Mr. Rodriguez called. I stood, smoothing my gown, and walked to the front of the stage. I found Hailey’s smile in the crowd and winked. I shook Mr. Rodriguez’s hand and took my diploma. I pulled the tassel on my cap from one side to the other and smiled into the photographer’s camera. I walked back to my seat and sat, counting down the minutes until this was all over.
  “And now, I present to you, Riviera High School class of 2010!” Mr. Rodriguez smiled widely.
  I stood, throwing my cap into the air. We all filed out of the auditorium. I found Hailey, standing with her mom and brother, Tyler. Tyler’s wife, Katheryn, was there too.
  “Hey!” Hailey smiled, hugging me.
  “Hi!” I smiled, wrapping my arm around her waist.
  “Ready to go?” She asked.
  “I’m ready when you are.”
  She nodded, placing her hand in mine and following me to my truck. We arrived at Hailey’s house and went upstairs to her room. She grabbed a bikini from her dresser and made her way to the bathroom.
  “You can change out here.” She smirked.
  “It’s not like I haven’t seen you before.” I rolled my eyes, remembering what we had done after Senior Prom two weeks ago.
  “I’m a modest person!” She smiled, closing the door behind her.
  I smirked, taking off my dress shirt and khaki slacks and pulling on my board shorts. Hailey walked out of the bathroom in her yellow bikini.
  “You're so cute.” I smirked, pulling a t-shirt over my head.
  She stuck out her tongue at me, walking out of her room. I looked her up and down as I followed her downstairs. Damn I was lucky.
  “Liking what you see Colby?” My best friend Wilson’s voice said from behind me.
  I chuckled, playfully punching his arm. He laughed, pulling his girlfriend, Jazmyn into the backyard.
  “Want to swim?” Hailey asked, smiling.
  I nodded, following her. Tyler and his wife, Katherine, stood by the grill, Ty flipping burgers while Katherine smiled, watching him. Her hands wrapped around her round pregnant belly. Hailey’s mom and her new boyfriend, Phil were sitting at a table, chatting with my mom. I pulled my shirt over my head, diving into the pool. Hailey followed, and swam over to me. I looked into her eyes. It was going to be so hard saying goodbye when we left for college, I didn’t know how I was going to do it.

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