Chapter Twenty

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Saturday morning, we were asked to clean the whole house. We freshmen of course.
While I mopped the floor, Brianna approached me.

"I heard you were called a ghetto bitch in class. Hahaha, so so hilarious!" she laughed. I stood straight and faced her.

"Bitches like you are so oldschool. That happened last Monday and so you can't get to me with that."

"Hahaha, who said I was trying to get to you. I just find that piece of news so funny. Ghetto bitch. It fits you so well."

I felt my fingers tighten around the the mop stick I was holding. I wasn't gonna let her get away with it.
I approached her till we were really close.

"Now listen fake ass," her eyes widened, "I've had enough from you and the other dumbass, but if it's trouble you want, then I'm gonna give it to both of you."

She stared at me.

"Fine, Harlem. You want war, you'll get war." she turned and got a bottle of gravy on the kitchen's table and to my surprise, she spilled it on my recently mopped floor!

"What the?!" I exclaimed.

"You looked for it." she flipped her hair and walked out.

"Girl, you better sleep with an eye open tonight!" I yelled after her. Oh, she didn't know who she was messing with. I was going to teach her something. Something real bad!

That night, Blaire came up to my room.


"Yes Blaire? Any problem?"

"Nope. There's a cutie waiting for you downstairs."

"I'll be right down."

I was already ready. I just put on my sneakers and ran downstairs.
Lucas was waiting for me outside.

"Hi, Lulu."

"Hey, Harl. Let's go?"

"Let's go."

We walked down the streets till we left the main gate.

"So, where are we going?"

"To my favorite restaurant."

"Honey, if it's a five star restaurant where they sell shitty food for a crazy amount, then I'm not going." I said, stopping in my tracks. He chuckled.

"I knew you'd say that. No. We're going to Mark's pizza House. They make the best pizzas, fries and milkshakes. Hope that turns you on?"

I raised a brow, amused.

"Turns me on?" I asked.

He laughed.

"I didn't put it in the right manner. Sorry. What I meant is, I hope it's good enough?"

"Hell yeah, pretty boy. It turns me on. Pizza, fries, milkshakes, are all part of my nature!" I exclaimed and we both laughed.

"Good then. Let's go." he stopped a cab and we got in.

Lucas had been right. Mark's pizza house had delicious pizzas, fries and milkshakes!

While I munched on some fries and pizza, Lucas just watched me.

While I munched on some fries and pizza, Lucas just watched me

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I stared at him.

"What? You want my picture?"

He smiled and resumed his eating.

"You fascinate me a little." he admitted.


"I'm serious."

"Can I know why?"

"Because you're nothing close to what I'm used to. You're from a different world."

"Excuse me?" I asked, frowning a little.

"No don't be offended. It's a compliment. What I'm trying to say is, you're your own person, Harlem. You're independent and hard working. You defend yourself, not expecting anyone else to do it for you. I admire you for that. I love it." He smiled at me. I managed to smile back.

"Well, thank you. I guess."

He chuckled.

"You're welcome."

We continued to eat until I spoke again.



"You don't like Brianna right?"

"Yes. Why ask?"

"I don't like her too and I'm planning to teach her a lesson tonight. What do you advice me to do?"

He smirked.

"You are very troublesome."

"You should have known that by now." I smirked too.

"Right. Here's what you'll do." his smirk became mischievous and I couldn't help it but laugh. He looked cute yet slightly evil at the same time.


"Thanks for the food and everything, Lulu. I had a good time." I told Lucas as he escorted me to the residence's front.

"You're welcome. We should do it often. Don't you think?" he smiled.

"I'm always ready when it comes to food." I laughed and he joined me.

"Alright. Have a goodnight. And don't forget to teach Brianna a lesson."

I chuckled.

"I never forget. Revenge is my second name."

"Damn. I wouldn't want to be your enemy."

"Or my ex." I winked playfully at him. He reddened a little and a shy smile spread across his lips. He was very handsome and his green eyes seemed to glow. His brunette hair was always perfect and well styles. He was tall and his skin was so smooth. Beautiful he was, indeed.

"Goodnight, pretty boy." I smiled.

"Goodnight, hood princess."

"Hood princess, aye?" I mused.


"I prefer something else. I don't like being called a princess."

"Really? I'll come up with something by tomorrow."

"If you want." I waved him goodbye and entered the house.
I went to the living room and met Megan alone.

"Hello, Harlem!" she smiled.

"Yo, Meg. Where's everyone?"

"Partying. It's Saturday night."

"Why didn't you follow?"

"I prefer to sit and watch my TV shows."

"Good idea." I collapsed close to her.

"How was your date?" she asked.

"Friendly date, you mean. It was cool."

"You and Lucas seem to be getting close."

"He's a good person. Recently discovered that. That's why I decided to give him a chance. To be my friend."

"That's cool. I heard Brianna and Bella along with two other girls plan something against you."


"Apparently you argued with Brianna this morning. She claimed she was gonna teach you a lesson."

I mused and ended up laughing.

"Her?? Her?? Let her try." I laughed standing, then I turned to Megan. "Goodnight, Meg."

"Goodnight, Harlem. You tired?"

"Yeah." I lied.

I wasn't going to sleep. I was just going to wait patiently for Brianna to get home.

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