Chapter 16

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I felt a throbbing pain in my forhead. I opened my eyes to only be blinded by the sunlight. I pulled the comforter to cover my face and felt an arm around my waist. My heart skipped a beat.

I was shocked  a bit but then I remembered that I have been sharing bed for past  few days with man I barely even knew.

But last night we have shared  more than just the bed....

I removed his hands from my waist and he shifted his body.

Last night's event suddenly flashed in my mind. It was when I was screaming sexily in pleasure and calling the same man's name over and over. Oh my god!

I balled my fist firmly and shut my eyes tightly as if by doing those will help to erase the memories. But of course didnt help at all.

I sighed.

I almost forgot the aftermath of my decision last night. I gave away my virginity to someone whose identity is still questionable to me. I inhaled deeply.

Not that I'm a virgin. I had already given birth. But Ive never been with a man before. I mean Nico and I never done it. We were both focused on school and he understood that I  still dont want to do it. I told him that I want to do it when we get married.

So can I consider myself virgin?

I pulled my hair in frustration. Not that I regret what happened last night but rather how this man besides me will think of me from now on. I remove the comforter from my face and slowly turn my head to look at the man that I gave my firstime experience with.

I looked at him intently, comfortably sprawled in the bed basking in the morning light. He looks like a sinful roman god covered only  from his hips downward.
Showing his perfectly chiseled bronze back. His hair is disheveled because of how I clung to his hair last night when I was so lost in passion. His unruly hair seems to give him sexier look. It took me so much courage and might not to touch him. My eyes wondered down to where his upper body meets the comforter.

I shivered.

Because even in my alcohol-influenced mind I can perfectly picture in my head how he looks down there.

My cheeks warmed at the thought. Blame my inexperience mind and body for these reactions.

I stared at his peaceful handsome face.

No wonder if women will  go gaga just to spend a night with this alpha male specie. My body instantly reacted as I recalled the scenes last night when his body was covering mines. His skillful hands that cant get enough of touching my body's lustful spots that I don't even know I have till last night. His sweaty body and scent that fills my senses when he dropped above me after our deed.  He's an expert in love making there's no doubt about it though there's no point of comparison due to lack of experience. But  definitely he made me feel complete and satiated.

I still can't believe that I freely did it with him. Someone whom I don't even know but just as the biological father of my son nothing more.

Last night I let go all my inhibitions and throw myself to him. I never felt more complete since last night. I tried to gauge myself but I don't feel any regret. I know that this will be nothing for him that he can just add this to one of his escapades. But of course I have nothing againts that. As for me, I will charge it to experience. No dramas and no complication.  I don't want any commotion about this. We both enjoyed the moment and we should just leave it like that.

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