Chapter Twenty-Eight: Moving Forward

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Tying her hair out of her face, Gabriela looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath before she turned and walked out of the bathroom; it had been another week since she had arrived and she felt a little better.

Each day Gabriela tried to find something that could keep her occupied, she didn't want sit around doing nothing and waiting for something to happen when it wasn't going to.

There was no telling when this vampire might show up and Gabriela wasn't going to let that dictate her life; she might have to stay in La Push for a while but it would be on her terms.

Heading towards the front door, Gabriela waved to Billy as she set off on her morning jog; she was going to paint his kitchen later when she got back.

The house hadn't changed since she had been there as a child and Billy had mentioned that the place could do with a lick of paint; she was more than happy to help since she was staying in his home.

Gabriela exited the house and focused on her plans for the day, she felt relieved to have something to do and she hoped that it would last some time.

It had been strange settling back into La Push and Gabriela was determined to make the most of it now; her first days had been filled with grief and she knew that she would carry that with her for a while.

Nothing was going to bring Daniel back, Gabriela just wished that things hadn't ended the way that they had or that maybe she'd been able to have more closure.

Gabriela had no idea what would have happened if she'd had her talk with Daniel before he had died; she wondered if she would feel even worse about her thoughts about breaking things off.


Arriving to have lunch with his father, Jacob raised an eye at the freshly painted cupboards that lined the kitchen; the last time that he had been here they had been grey and peeling.

The place looked a lot brighter and Jacob guessed that Gabriela had found something to keep her busy; he couldn't imagine how boring it was to be stuck here with nothing for her to do.

He leant against the door frame for a moment and watched her work, he was impressed with how much she had managed to get done in only a couple of hours.

Things seemed to have gotten better for Gabriela and Jacob was relieved that she was handling things better; the loss of Daniel had been a shock and he was sure that it would stick with her.

Especially the fact that she had been the one to find him after he had been murdered, the mental picture wouldn't go away and Billy had mentioned that sometimes Gabriela would have problems sleeping.

"It looks good in here," Jacob mused taking in the freshly painted cupboards, they were white and he couldn't remember the last time that they had looked that way.

It had been him and his dad for a very long time and they hadn't really bothered to redecorate after the twins had left home; it had been born his mother's thing to paint than anyone else's.

Gabriela nodded her head and admired her work, she was pleased with what she had managed to do and she was surprised that Billy was giving her such free reign when it came to decorating his home like this.

He hadn't really minded what colour she painted the kitchen and Gabriela had tried to pick something that she was sure that he would like; she didn't want to pick something that he was going to hate.

"Your dad's pretty easy going with the colours," Gabriela replied with a shrug of her shoulders, she carefully moved to get off the colour and stretched pleased with what she had done so far.

It wasn't much but it was a start and it made her feel better about her staying in his home like this; she wanted to do something to thank him.

"We picked up a vampire scent," Jacob told her, he wasn't sure how she would react to the news but he didn't wish to keep her in the dark about any of this; he could only imagine how annoying that must be.

There was silence at his words and Gabriela couldn't help but stare at him, so many questions rushed through her mind and the one that stuck out the most was if this was the vampire that killed Daniel.

"Embry recognised it," Jacob confirmed not wanting to upset her more than needed, he was doing what he could with this situation and he knew that she had the right to know everything that was going on.

The vampire that had killed Daniel had been the one that had approached them while they were staying at the cabin; a fact that worried Jacob about just how far this blood-sucker was willing to take all of this.

Gabriela closed her eyes, she had been expecting the vampire to track her down but it had only been a matter of weeks instead of the months that she had begun to think of.

"Okay. What do we do?" Gabriela asked wanting to know the next step, if the vampire was here then that surely meant that this would be over soon.

Her life could return to normal and Gabriela wouldn't have to continue to intrude on everyone else's lives; she wanted this to be over so she could finally move forward with her own.

Jacob sighed moving further into the room, he wished that he had a simple answer for that but he didn't; the vampire was being clever and just staying out of reach right now.

"The vampire's not really coming too close to La Push... they seem to be circling Forks right now," Jacob explained wishing that there was more that he could do, with the breakdown in his relationship with Nessie there had been new problems arising.

The treaty had returned and Carlisle was pleased that it hadn't caused too much trouble, it meant that his family would one day return to Forks since it was a place close to their hearts.

This also meant that the pack was restricted back to being unable to track the vampire that strayed far into the Cullens territory; they would have to wait until it approached La Push again so that they could destroyed it.

The Cullens weren't much help right now and none of them wanted to upset Nessie by getting involved in this situation; she was apparently very broken up by their break-up and was away in South America at that moment.

Gabriela was silent for a moment taking in what had been said, she felt angry that someone felt it was okay to mess with her life in such a way; she had never thought that she would have this problem.

"Is there nothing that can be done?" Gabriela asked not liking that this could drag on forever, she didn't know why the vampire was coming after her when she had done nothing wrong.

Emma had been the one to tell her about what had happened here a few years ago, and Gabriela couldn't imagine what it had been like to have been around then.

It wasn't something that she wanted to put anyone through again and Gabriela knew that she wasn't going to let anyone get hurt on her account.

Jacob shook his head, he didn't like this anymore than she did and the pack weren't happy about another round of baby-sitting; no one wanted to deal with another Bella issue.

"Then we need to think of something," Gabriela insisted turning her attention back to painting, she wasn't going to just wait around until the vampire was done with her.

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