Chapter 7

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I was up early as 4 am to get work done and keep myself as far way from Carmen as possible before I retired back into the guest room. I completely lost my head last night, It was as though I physically left my own body. I was reallly scaring myself, I was losing control.

I'd never hit a woman, It wasn't right but I came alive when she looked at me so hurt.

She dared to put her body on show for every man to get off to her walking around, looking like a porn star. 

It was not right by any means, she deserved it.

I did not intend on hurting her but what was she out dancing with a stranger for? The fact that the infuriating bitch carried on dancing on that man pissed me off even further like she was stripper.

She looked smashing, like she was made for the covers of magazines. Her body was sinful as she danced so sensually.

I leave her for what? 5/6days? she wasted no time moving to another man. If I did not reach her on time, she would have fucked that man.

She was so giving him the "fuck me" eyes. I did not deserve that. I had her over for brunch, at a nice quiet park and everything. I gave her space, listened to her talk about her father or the blonde.

She she showed up in a peach backless summer dress, It was perfect. Her creamy skin looked so soft, in that moment I wanted to grab her, take her and tie her up to my bed so no man would ever know of her.

Still I held off, I just watched her. It felt so right to be with her, the litte gestures she made as she talked, her hair dancing in the wind with the almost invisible freckles scattered across her frame.

It was as if her presence calmed me, I just liked watching her. It was a close to perfect day until I dropped her off at her place dying to taste her plump pouty mouth.

She had to go and ruin everything by trying to discard me like I meant nothing. Said "she did not want to see me, for me to ever call her or look for her and that all was forgiven."

I was pissed off but I managed to keep my emotions at bay, making no comments. I gave her a kiss, nothing affectionate about the kiss. It was one of promise, the dumb head obviously did not seem to understand.

After that day, I left to visit mamma and Esperanza. The little brat had grown so much, they literally showered me with kisses and hugs. It felt right to be with them.

Although Speranza was nothing but trouble for the few days I was there, she was also an angel. A stupid angel begging for me to let move in to my place like that would ever happen.

Mamma's surprise as always was all over the top, welcome party and the likes. I couldn't deal, she went as far as inviting Alessandra, a woman I had past dealings with.

She was a sight, dead straight blonde hair, electric blue eyes. Her body was mouth watering, I had no idea what mamma was up to until she cornered me and told me It was her wish that I take up Alessandra as my wife.

My mother was a trickster, an adorable con is what I always called her.

Alessandra would make the perfect wife, there was no doubt there. She loved to please me in every way, she only did as I asked. I only ended things with her because of my fucking around, I knew she would stay regardless but I wasn't that selfish of a prick.

I fucked her all the while I stayed at mamma's, we were like dogs in heat. she was a very eager pleaser alright. It was perfect, she loved everything I did to her body and she gave me just as much.

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