Bad Boy Kisses

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Bad Boy Kisses 

By: _No_Ordinary_Girl_  


Emilie Grey found her boyfriend Conner Hanglinton cheating on her after two years of dating. She's crushed but of course with the help of her crazy best friend she is going to move on. To bad, she didn't know just exactly how her best friend was going to help her until it was to late. Now she has the school's bad-ass not leaving her alone and even crazier than that are his bad boy kisses....  


I'm so glad I finally decided to read this book, because it was not a big disappointment like several other 'Bad boy" stories on Wattpad. Anyways, it's definitely worth reading and it is very different, like I said before, from typical "Bad boy' stories. There are alot of surprising and unexpected turn of events that will make you want to keep on reading! 

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