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The Y/l/n and Kardashian/Jenner side have been close family friends for a while now. Both families known for being very successful,The Kardashian/Jenner clan for building empires for themselves and the Y/l/n the same as well. The Y/l/n/ family owns a lot of business such as Guess,Puma,Adidas and many more.

The Y/l/n family and Kardashian/Jenner family are very close and practically family from the time they moved to LA. Y/p/n(Your parents names) And Kris have been friends form high school and moved out to LA and built a lives for them. The Y/l/n family consisted of five people. Y/d/n,Y/m/n,Freya,Hanna and Y/n.

All of them were very simple people and kept to themselves and were very open minded people.

So let me introduce you to Y/n Y/s/n Y/l/n. Y/n Y/l/n who is 15 years old and very independent. She is a sweet, caring and charming person. Her style is very tom boyish but it suits her. She's very close with The Jenner sisters and loves them to bits.

She and The Jenner sisters were together from the time she could remember. She was extremely close with them and their friends such as Gigi and Bella Hadid,Zayn Malik,Abel(The weeknd) and maybe in the near future Hailey Baldwin.

Y/n's always been a bit of a bad girl but no one seemed to mind cause that just made her more attractive then she already was. She was a straight A student and kept her life private and let very limited people in.

Her relationship status was always a mystery to people but she liked to keep it that way but what will happen when she falls for a certain blonde with hazel eyes that she can't resist.

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