Chapter Eighteen

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After that class, we got the announcement that the last class which was to hold from five to seven would not take place because the professor was going to be absent that day. I was more than relieved.

I was still very angry though and kept my eyes on the bitch that had insulted me, as we left class. I promised to teach her a rough lesson. But first, I saw it necessary to go meet Lucas and apologise. It was my fault if he was driven out of class.
I got my bag and headed for the sigma chi residence.
I got there and knocked. A senior opened the door.

"You lost, princess?".

"Uh no. Can I see Lucas please?"

The guy smiled.

"Lulu, huh?"


"You're a friend of his?"

"Yeah. Kind of."

He grinned.

"Last door upstairs. At the end of the corridor."

"Thanks." he let me in.

Their house was bigger than ours. And even more beautiful! I went up the stairs and into the corridor. I walked up to the last door and knocked.

Some seconds later, he opened the door. His hair was scattered and his eyes were slightly red too. He was from sleep. He rubbed his eyes and when he saw me, he stared in surprise.

"Harl, what are you doing here? We're supposed to have another class now. Let me change and we–"

"It's been cancelled there's no class. The professor won't be there." I cut in.

He looked at me.

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm sorry. It's my fault if you got driven out of class. I have the notes here with me."

He was silent for a minute and then smiled a little.

"Come in." he said and opened the door wide. I nodded and went in.
Their rooms too were better than ours. White, spacious and beautiful. There was even a flat screen in his room.
I went to his reading table and sat down.

He walked up to the table and stared down across me, a little smile on his lips.

He walked up to the table and stared down across me, a little smile on his lips

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"Did you beat her ass up?" he asked, surprising me.


He chuckled.

"I'm talking about that girl who got you angry in class."

I shook my head no.

"No. I preferred to come meet you first. But trust me, I'll do that later."

He laughed and sat down too.

"It would've surprised me if you changed your mind."

I smiled, amused.

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