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Pen Your Pride

Vampire Slave

ch 1 (the trade)

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Dear diary,

It has know been exactly two months since I have seen or felt the suns' motherly caress. I miss it greatly. I am incredibly lonely, my hands, feet and knees are bloody and scratched, bruised ... I can barley manage to stand on two feet. The smiles I have received at this place are sinister and cruel, I believe they are planning something for me, I haven't seen another human, another anything but the wall in front of me for two months except for a bowl of porridge and a small bucket of water, I'm surprised I am still somewhat sane.

My bed is made of saw dust and dirt, my pillow is not only my shirt but what I rest my head on at night. My mind sometimes wonders what an apple tasted like, was it sweet, sour did it even have a taste? I missed its juices running down my throat, I haven't been fed in two days...master says I need to be more respectful to him, this is how he punishes me. Its not bad at al actually, only a few beatings, nothing more. Compared to other slaves I'm pampered.

For three months I have done incredible amounts to please them, who are they? There not mortal, I am a slave fifteen years of age to be exact and have been in this industry since I was 14. My name is no longer Alexandria but: A442, the rest of my life has already been decided for me, if I am not sold once again in the next seven days, my heart will no longer beat.

My head is sore, and I have just realized I'm chained to the wall behind me, I wonder my left rib may be cracked, its turning purple. I do not know exactly where I am but only hold fear for my sister Alexi. She turns 14 today. My room is only lit by one single candle which helped me find this diary hidden in the dirt I am currently laying in. It had belonged to soldier A14b, the things he wrote, things he saw it made me shudder. The last entry dated back about two weeks ago he wrote nothing has even started, what shocked me most was that his last word was my real name, not my slave I-d.

He wrote about his family and two daughters, mother came to mind, I missed her and the warm embraces she gave me, I haven't seen her for a total of 3 years since I am always moving around, no master ever keeps me, says I am to much to handle, for some others use the fact that I show no emotion when talked to or when hit I give no reaction at all, they don't deserve it and I don't deserve being here, this is my life. This is my story.

My hands came to my neck, where my fingers dug around the metal chain tied around my neck, a leash I think they called it, I have another set for my hands and legs, the women snicker and say "lovely jewelry." I hate them. Every time I moved the metal cut deeper into my skin and bruised it. I touched my side and winced. I would never ascape this trading indesrty and it was time to accept that one fact above all others. My eyes begane to water, and my lids drooped sleep had over come me.

I awoke to the sound of being dragged through a hall by my ankles and arms, one of the immortals undid the chains, and my mouth was so dry I couldn't speak. I ground out a groggily "no" when I felt someone striping my clothing, more ripping it. Before I even had the time to cover my chest a cold hand struck my cheek. "You do NOT speak unless asked to!" he told me, I didn't care this was the only thing that belonged to me and I was gong to do all it took to save my innocence. Hot tears stung my eyes. "Do you understand?" he asked, I merely nodded.

Master had never done something like this and I was not going to grant him permission to do so. "Go take a bath." He instructed I again nodded. "but find me another one of your kind first!" he chucked my ripped shirt at me and pushed me through the doors into human civilization, all slaves. I walked up to the closest red head feeling sorry for her, I tapped her shoulder her smiling face sadden when I told her my master wanted her, she followed me obediently.

Master Ivak looked at the ginger "Good girl, she will do." He said before wrapping his large hand behind her neck, he motioned her to his chamber. I know was going to see if I would be traded. Long spidery fingers dug into my shoulder" come" she demanded, I followed.

She led me to a back room where she showered and dressed me in a long green dress, silk with a low v in the front. The one thing I liked about my body was my curves, I wasn't fat nor to skinny, my stomach was flat, I had a fast metabolism but still had an behind unlike most slaves, that was to blame on there masters behalf its

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