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" Keep in mind that the requests you leave other than here will be DISREGARDED

" Keep in mind that the requests you leave other than here will be DISREGARDED. "

requests are open for;

ㅡ o n e s h o t s
— f l u f f s h o r t s
— t e x t m e s s a g e s

; keep in mind ;
➳ please be patient. Its not everyday that I am able to think of scenarios for this book. please understand.

➳ vote on the chapter you requested. At least, let me know if you liked it or not. I mean, I did put a lot of effort in it so it's only fair you return the favor.

➳ comment beneficial criticism. I'm not perfect, so it would help a lot if you'd kindly point out flaws I made here and there. Even better if you give ideas to make the story nice.

➳ my oneshots are all just prompts. If you see light in one of them of being an actual potential story, you are free to take the idea and write it. But please, address me for credit. And I could always use a great story.

➳ it can get lonely sometimes, so feel free to write on my message board or dm me. it might lead to a beautiful friendship even :)

➳ i love you guys, and I appreciate you reading this crappy book of mine, and I'm only addressing this matter because unfortunately it has happened before. i started this book when I was like in the sixth grade so there are a lot of unedited mistakes that I still need to fix, and that's why I don't update as much as I did since I'm too busy revising everything. now, I understand when you see one of my mistakes you want to point it out and please do since I am so in need of help. but please be nice about it, a fight started in one of my other books because of a simple spelling error and I do not want that to happen again. again, I hate it when people fight in the comments because I made this book to bring together the otakus and perverts so that we can all fangirl together on how mashima is amazing at putting bodies on characters. so please, be kind.