The Ocean.

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Christine's P.O.V

Johnny and I were laying in the hotel room and we were cuddling. It was the day before my surgery and I was really scared to go to sleep. "Johnny?" I whispered. He looked away from the TV and looked at me. "Yes, love?" "Promise me that when I was up from the surgery...that your voice will be the first thing that I hear. Johnny smiled. "I promise, baby." I looked into his eyes and saw that they were full of love and care. I snuggled into his warm chest and ran my fingers down his body slowly. I watched as his abdominal muscles clenched under my touch and I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his brow was knitted together. I looked at his lips and I swear I thought I heard the words "go lower" leave his lips. Instead, I leaned up to his neck and kissed it slowly, gently sucking the skin between his neck and shoulder. He put his hands in my hair and tried to bring my head under the covers, but I wouldn't do it. I sat on his hips and felt something press against my area. "Johnny?" I asked a bit scared. He looked at me and asked, "What is it, baby?" He sat up and I said, "I'm kind of scared. You know...about us...doing what people in love do. I'm scared to try it. Is that normal?" I was embarrassed to ask him these questions but he happily answered, "It's ok to be nervous, Christine, and I could wait forever to have you. I promise that I'll wait until your fully ready. I also promise that we can go steady if we need to." I stroked his cheek at the sweet words that he told me. I kissed him gently and he taught me the basics of kissing and touching one another as our lips moved against each other's. When the TV was off and the lamp beside us was on he signed, "I promise that when you wake up tomorrow night,  I'll be right there holding your hand." I nodded and snuggled deeply into his chest. Then suddenly a thought came to me. "Johnny, what does the ocean look like?" He looked down at me and asked, "Lance never took you to Malibu?" I shook my head. "He never took me anywhere where an ocean can be found. I've never visually seen the ocean." He smiled. "One day, I'll take you to see the ocean." I nodded. "Holy Beach?" Johnny nodded. "Yeah. Holy beach." He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes and dreamed of walking along the beach with Johnny's hand in mine and we kissed on the sand. I'll be the first voice you'll hear tomorrow. I promise.

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