Chapter 1 (Unedited)

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''Sophy! It's already 6 in the morning get out in your bed! You'll going to be late in School."  Mom said while knocking my door.

"Urrhh..give me 5 more minutes Mom." I said while placing my pillow in my ear. Then I heard foot steps fading away. Alam ko na pumunta ulit sya sa kusina.

"No more minutes Sophy. Yan kasi di ka natutulog ng maaga." Mom

"Okey Mom. I knew what your going to say. What's for breakfast?" I shout. That's our daily routine every morning during weekdays. I straight to my bathroom. I open the shower and I let the warm water cover my body. Nang nawala na ang antok ko, I grab my bathrob and straight to my closet. Put my uniform and apply some baby powder in my face. I watch my wall clock and it's already 6:20. "Wow bilis ko naman maligo" I murmured.

As I go down stairs I saw Dad drinking his tea while watching TV News. " Hey Dad Good Morning what's up?" I said.

"Good morning sweetie just join your brother for breakfast" Dad replied.

I straight to dining table and I saw hotdogs, bacon and eggs and I hear my stomach says "geergerrrr". Parang nagutum ako bigla. My younger brother look at me and smirk. He's name is Brake and his 15 years old by the way. I know he heard my stomach growling

"What! My baby brother?" I said while teasing him. He hates when I call him baby. Hahahaha

"Don't you dare calling me baby again. I'm not a baby anymore. I'm already 15." He said.

"Uhmm..uhmm..okey baby brother? Hahhaaha" I replied. I like teasing him. Then he give me a middle finger sign and a daring look.

" I saw that Brake don't do that again to your older sister." Mom interepted while preparing his lunch box.

"But Mom she called me baby. I'm not a baby anymore" he reasoned out.

"What's the matter if she call you a baby. You're still baby and you're still young kasi 15 ka palang. Right Dad?" Mom said.

"Yes honey." Then dad come near us and kiss Mom cheek. And I saw Mom blushing.

I'm done eating my breakfast and brushing my teeth. I go outside and wait dad to start up the car. Then I hop in the passenger seat beacuse Brake is in the front seat. Dad always drive us to school when he's not at work. When we arrived at school, I kissed dad cheek and Brake did also.

Oh I forgot to introduce my self to you. I'm Sophia Alcantara. 2nd year student na ako sa South Western International School. I have a younger brother and his name is Brake. My mom is a housewife and my Dad is a businessman. My dad is the owner of 5 star hotel in Manila. The name of our Hotel is Sophy Hotel. He named our hotel in my name.

Habang nag lalakad ako sa hallway parang may tumatawag sa akin na pamilyar ang boses kaya lumingon ako at si Shane lang pala. Shane is my best friend since first year high school. Shane and I have lots of memories since nag kakilala kmi. We shared secrets, crushes, craziness, etc.

"Hey bebs wait for me" Shane shouted. She's walking fast in the corridor then he bump a tall guy. So pumunta agad ako sa kanya.

"Ouch! Ano ba yun?" Shane said.

"Sorry Miss di ko sinasadya nag mamadali kasi ako pasensya" nag sorry naman ang lalaki na na kabangga ni Shane.

Habang inaayos ni Shane ang buhok nya bigla na lng siya na tulala nang makita nya yong lalaki. Ang lalaki na nabangga nya ay si Jake matagal na na crush ni Shane. So I interrupt her.

"Bebs nu ba ang tanga tanga mo talaga yan tuloy na bangga ka" I told her.

"Wow bebs thanks for the greetings ha. I love it! Tsk." Sabi niya sabay tumayo.

"Come on bebs, we're going to be late na."

We enter our room and greet Ms. Higgins our adviser teacher. I really love Ms. Higgins because she treat us na parang mga anak niya. It's our breaktime Shane and I pumunta kmi sa canteen.

"Bebs as always ang daming pila" sabi ko.

Pumila kmi hanggang nakarating ako sa cashier at binayaran ang sandwich at orange juice at nag hamap kmi nang ma uupuan.

"Bebs alam mo ba nang nabannga mo si Jake at habang tumatayo ka panay titig mo sa kanya. Wag ganun bebs nahahalata ka". Pang iinsulto ko.

"Hahhaha natawa talaga ako bebs. Hahha funny." Pang iinsulto nya sa kin habang nag fe fake tawa. "Alam mo bebs that always staring at you. Uhmm I guess his name is Bon a junior student."

"Pshhh! Bebs i know you change our topic. Ako crush ni Bon? Hindi kaya. " natatawang sabi ko.

I know na walang nag ka crush sa akin eh. Minsan nga tinatanong ko sa sarili ko kung maganda ba ako kasi wala akong manliligaw o kaya nag ka crush lang man.

The school bell rang and Shane give me a friendly smack and left me. I go straight to my math class. I really hate math because it so boring. So that's all I attended all my classes untill afternon and our teacher in Economic class dismissed us early. While I'm walking beneath the flagpole I notice Bon seating in a grass together with his friend and he secretly staring at me and when I look at him he look away. I don't mind him maybe he just looking the flagpole. I fetch my brother in his room kasi our driver is already in the school parking lot. I look around maybe I will see Shane but I did'nt find her maybe she still have a class. I see Bon still staring at me. So I grab my phone and texted Shane that I'm going home so that she will not wait me in the school playground.

We arrived home safe and sound. I kiss Mom in cheek and go to Dad's office to give him a kiss on his cheek and straight to my room.

"Oh I miss my room" I thought and change my clothes and lay in my bed.

I woke up when Brake knock my door. I did'nt know that I fell asleep.

"Sophy it's dinner time na" Brake said outside my door.

"Okey, I'm coming" I said.

After dinner i go to my bathroom and brush my teeth. I lay in my bed and watching movie.

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