Chapter 1: Stepping Outside Vault 89

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"My eyes! Why does everything have to be so damn bright..." These were the first words I used after exiting the vault. The vault numbered 89 was a social experiment just like all the others. This one was designed to be stocked full of everything except weapons. Even without weapons people beat each other to death... But that's enough about the vault. In the distance I see a small figure, I run towards the figure while holding a shard of glass fashioned into a crude but effective shank. I noticed the Person was a trader, I walked up to them and asked to see their wears. They wouldn't show me unless I told them my name, "The name is Kate, Kate Karma.."
The trader looked to be in his 30's but he sounded like a 50 year old... "Well nice to meet you Kate I'm Ethan I'm pretty sure we will be seeing each other again.." With that said he walked away from me without letting me see his wares. I sighed this has been a tiring day and I still didn't have a gun or a place to stay I didn't really feel safe without a better weapon so I decided to sharpen the shank. After a bit of sharpening using some rocks I noticed a green storm cloud approaching. "Huh is that normal?" I quickly realised that wasn't normal after it started raining. "Oh shit radioactive rain what next a freaking snow storm?!?" I found a little bit of shelter from the rain because of an overhang. I decided that when the rain passes I'll find a place to start a base.

(A/N) This is my first ever book and I really would like some ideas!

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