Chapter 12

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We didn't say much to one another. We sat down in the room just hoping he'll wake up.

"Jin?" After some time we heard a voice. "Sowon?" It was real he was up. He was looking at us.

"Dad. I'm... I I I am so sorry." Jin cried as he hug his dad. "I'll never be rude to you again. I promise I'm so sorry."

"I'm sorry my son. I love you so much." His dad answer.

They talked and talked for hours. Jin get his dad to go through with the surgery. I've never seen Jin this happy before. Of course he's happy with Eunji but this was different.

It was getting late when his dad reminded him to take me home.

"Thank you." Jin said as he grab my hand. He held on it lightly.

"For what?" I look at him as he smile.

"Making me and my dad understand each other. No one ever got that much courage to put us together before not even Namjoon them. So thank you."

"It's okay. You need him just like how he needed you."

Jin r fused to let me walk to my door alone. "You can go now." I turn to see Jin just standing there. He smile awkwardly at me as he pull me into a hug. My heart was racing so fast I was scared he'll feel it.

"Thank you Sowon. I don't know what I'll do without you. You're truly amazing." He tighten the hug with every word. I wanted to hug him I do but I didn't. He let go as he smile at me. "Go in. I'll call you when I get home."


I got up thinking of Jin's dad he probably hate those hospital foods. I cooked him some porridge that I can drop it off to him before going school.

I got to school as I see him smiling at me. He waited for me so he can walk me to class. I got inside the room to see Eunji a bit down. She told me her mom have arranged a marriage for her. She won't know the guy until later which made her more nervous.


School was done and I walk to the gym. It was my last day to cleaned. I smile at the thought of me being free. I cleaned as good as I can before locking up and leaving.

I got home as I changed before going to see Jin's dad. I look around as he notice I was looking for Jin. He told me jin went home. I stayed him just to make sure he doesn't feel alone. When visiting time was over I promise him I'll come back tomorrow just to see him again.

I woke up early again to send Jin's dad some porridge. I rush to school not seeing Jin nor Eunji. Everything was so different because Mark wasn't like himself too. He was upset but he didn't want to talk about what was bothering him.

Lunch came around and Mark told me to sit with him since Eunji isn't here. "Aren't you dating Jin?" Jackson said

"Yeah why?" I look at him as he looked like the most confused person ever.

"Just wondering."

"Have mark said anything to you yet?" JB said

"No about what?" I look at mark only to have him avoid me."

"His feeli..." He got cut off when Mark hit his head. "I'm just playing."

They made me as comfortable as Jin's friend. I feel so lucky to know all of these boys. They are different but at the same time they're the same.

When school was over I was about to walk home as I heard Eunji calling my name. "Sowon! I'm happy for you. I am so sorry."

"Why?" I look at her as he hug me tightly.

"Jin is a good person." She sigh. "You're lucky. Keep him."

"Why are you sorry?" I asked not understanding the situation.

"It's nothing.... it's just... Jin..." She stop as she stare at me. "Just.."

"Eunji you're being awfully weird and I'm worried. Are you sick?" I tried to touch her head but she refuses.

"Will you hate me if I fight with you for a guy?" She asked. I stare at her for some time before I let out a smile.

"No, you know me. I'll never fight with you. I rather have you then the guy." She nodded as she heard my words. "Why do you like Jin?"

"No! No! Not that." She force herself to smile but it didn't seemed right. "I was just wondering."

"Eunji... if there's anything you can tell me." I touched her hand as she nodded. She sigh as she smile at me.

"Let's just stop talking about this okay? I want to go to your house. I don't want to go home. With all this marriage thing my head is about to break." I nodded. We walk home hand and hand.

"Sowon you got a text!" Eunji shouted. I was busy in the kitchen that I couldn't get to it.

"What does it say?!?" I shouted.

"It's Jin! He said he's outside!" She shouted. "He's what?!? But I'm here!"

I heard the door open and close. After a while I see Jin standing behind me. "I just came back from visiting my dad. He asked for you. He wanted to see you today."

"I'll visit him again tomorrow."

"You know he really likes you like I'm not even kidding like he does. He likes how sweet you are towards him. It's rare for him to like any of the girls I talk to."

"Is that a good or bad thing?" I chuckled a bit as Jin did to.

"It's a good thing. It's always a good thing for your parents to like your girlfriend." I blush a little at that. I wasn't his girlfriend. I remember as I stop myself from being to happy. I was just a fake...

"Are you hungry? I'm cooking I'll make you some to."


"The food is...." I look and Eunji and Jin were talking and laughing.

They looked so good together, I can't denied the fact that I'm jealous. I'm so overly jealous about the way Jin laugh when he's around her. That's the feeling I'll never get to feel. The smile he never have when he's with me.

After we ate they both volunteer to do the dishes. They were giggling and messing around why am I so jealous? I was nothing more than Jin's fake girlfriend but why did it bother me?

Jin offer to drop off Eunji. She nodded as she grab her bag. She quickly said bye to me before leaving.

Why am I so mad. I'm so frustrated I couldn't help but cry. I know this would happen but why. I was so angry for no reason. He wasn't mine.

There was no way he'll ever be mine. He doesn't like me, he's just using me to get to Eunji wasn't that the plan anyways? So why does it keep bothering me.

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