What A Shock. Part 73

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24th February 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited. - I did a little bit more editing while trying to get over this vicious flu I have at the moment. I might not be able to think about writing, but I am clear-headed enough to be able to see some mistakes and to add some little further info for you. I hope you enjoy reading it a second time and find the changes. Which I haven't finished yet.

Sarah's POV...

I was still in shock as was Reid to be finding out that I was having a baby. Let alone having two of them. The doctors had been informed as to the injuries I had sustained which caused the death of our baby Ashur some years ago and that it was very unlikely that we wouldn't be able to have any more we were informed at the time.

" What happens over time in some cases is the scarring tissue tightens to a degree that the damage that was caused becomes very minimal and the body begins to absorb the dead tissue. From what the ultrasound also indicated, the scarring we see is more like that of having a caesarian section." The doctor was informing us later that day after Reid recovered from his little faint.

The faint that gave him several stitches and a wonderful shiner with one eye nearly swollen shut and discolouring rather quickly to remember the moment by. Plus the blood didn't go amiss either since it was gushing from a nasty gash over his eye and down his cheek a little by the look of it.

I keep having a few giggles when I remember that happening and the look on his face when he woke up eventually to see quite a few strange faces looking down at him trying to stop the bleeding and to help him up off the floor and onto the same trolley I had been using when they wheeled me in after moving me into a wheelchair. By the time he remembered what had happened, I was already up and sitting in a wheelchair about to be taken back to my room with a few scans in my hand of my babies.

I was still having a hard time accepting that I was actually pregnant. Nearly six months at that too. I certainly don't look it either. So the doctors did a few more scans and found that when recovering from those earlier injuries, my uterus had settled a little to the rear. It hadn't prolapsed as I thought it might have after those first tests after coming out of that coma all those years ago. But it had been close to it.

The doctors here had explained that because of the position of my uterus, it would explain why my back had been aching as it was as well as why my legs had become just a little weaker too. Then they told me that in all likelihood, I would be having the babies via a c-section and not by vaginal birth as is the normal in cases similar to mine.

But I was back in my room while Reid was getting his stitches, still being somewhat confused and disoriented and found that Jaxon and Barb had arrived with Micah to see how I was. They turned to look at me when the door had been pushed open by a wardsman before entering the room in a wheelchair and not the gurney I had left on an hour earlier. That's how long we have been gone for with most of the time spent with Reid and not myself, I thought with disgust.

" About time. We were getting worried." Jenny was saying as the nurse helped me up and onto the bed again.

" Sorry for the delay. " I muttered as the nurse began pulling the blankets up and over me. The wardsman pulled the chair back away from the bed and waited for the nurse to finish attending me. I think I was finally glad to be settling back against the pillows after the last forty minutes with Reid's little incident.

" Did they find out what was wrong?" Jaxon asked me with a concerned look. Barb for some reason, didn't look concerned at all.

" Where's Reid?" Micah suddenly asked as the nurse gave the last finishing touches to tucking me into the bed again.

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