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We were all in Music Room 3, talking, fooling around.

It was all normal, happy go lucky, but it was interrupted by Hyun Woo.

It was all normal, happy go lucky, but it was interrupted by Hyun Woo

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(Do you remember this guy????)

My head turned around, looking at the machine still spewing out red roses....psh, my worst enemy.

"Who's that guy?" My little Kookie said.

Hyun Woo turned around, as if he was looking for someone...then turned back around.

"Me?" He asked while pointing his finger to his chest.

"Oh, um....Kook, we met outside of the host club.
We fell for each other!" I chimed in, ending it with a laugh.


His laugh echoed through my mind.

*thump thump*

His smile is so addictive.

But....nobody else knew what the hell he was talking about.
I was just this random stranger.

And everyone else knew him so well.
I'm the outsider.



Who is this guy?

When did they meet?

Why is he here?

What does he mean, 'they fell for eachother'?

Who is he?


WhO iS He????

??? POV


Hoseok is such a great actor.

He's acting so well, he doesn't actually like that person.

He's just playing, keeping our relationship secret.

You'll see.

I'm not a mad man.

If I was a mad man, then why would he smile at me, giving me a look that shows he's in love with me?

He doesn't like any one of them.....

He only loves me.

He just doesn't let his emotion show.

Sorry, I know this is short, but I'll give you a better chapter.

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