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(Warnings: Roasting the president, Murderer is coming, dinner with the cheeto, holy fUCK, why, anxiety, how do make the cheeto talk)
(Y/n POV)
It was simply a dinner. That's what it was made out to be, at least. Bf/n was acting squirrely. I touched his shoulder in question as he fixed his tie.

"You seem on edge, babe." I said.

"I am. I'm meeting the president and I'm going to be having a possible conversation with him. I'm fucking anxious..." He huffed out, smiling nervously.

I pat his cheek and kissed it. "How do you think I feel? They're going to ask me exactly how I got the bozzos in the next rooms. I have to be honest and tell them I found that weird note...And that Washington came out of a dog."

We made eye contact and burst out laughing. "It sounds so weird, now that I say it!"

"I wonder how he and his wife will react to that!" Bf/n wiped his eye.

"He'll probably be like, "FAKE NEWS" and walk the fuck away like a pompous duck." I heard Jodie call from the doorway.

We all erupted into more laughter. I'm sure if I continued to laugh, I'd smudge my fresh makeup. I looked out of the window to the gardens of the White House.

It was time to go and make sure the boys were ready. They had all been given separate rooms, I believe.
I was stiff as board, tense as all hell with my hands on my lap and shoulders raised. It was easy to tell I was anxious. Jodie mimicked me, F/n looking pretty chill. They probably smoked weed or something to be this easy going in front of the most infamous president.

"It's unusual...Another first I could say, for a president at least, to be meeting the founding fathers." Trump said slowly, in an effort to start the conversation. He looked over the large table is us slowly.
I eyed them all too.

Jefferson. He was ready. He grinned, his charisma and pride shining in his eyes. Oh, Mr. Jefferson, such a charmer.

Madison. He was frowning, but he seemed comfortable. He was eating his food slowly while keeping eye contact with people or the table.

Burr. He had a small respectful smile of conservatism on his lips. He picked at his food, obviously not a huge (yuuugggeeee) fan.

Lafayette. Slouched back slightly, enjoying himself, but still on edge. He was ready for anything to happen, though.

Washington. The same as Burr. However, he  laughed at any joke that was thrown, and kept up with the conversion.

Laurens. Talking with a few select people. He was obviously a liberal man, I wonder how well it was going exactly.

Mulligan was being himself. He didn't let himself slip up on curse words, just letting himself be and talk.

Finally, Alexander looked like he had something he wanted to say. Oh please, Alexander, don't say it.

Jefferson sat next to him to the right.

"So... I heard about there being a prolific serial killer in your area of Manhattan!" Trump said.. "And that your neighbor across the hall in your apartment was one of his victims. The police reports say you discovered the body. Is that true?"

I froze up. "U-uh... yeah...it is."

"New Years eve?"


I was growing anxious as I remembered stepping into her apartment and seeing her mangled corpse. How did Trump get the details of this? Why was he talking about it. Bf/n's hand tightened on my wrist, causing me to look up at him.

He opened his mouth to speak again, but Alex after stood up and said, "Mr. President, I think she would appreciate it if you stopped talking about that event."

"But I want to ask-"

"No, she's scarred for life, and it's obvious someone like you wouldn't particularly care about how someone with a mental illness feels, anyway. Y/n may or may not have one specifically, but she sure does have anxiety about it." Alexander said.

"Why should we pity someone with a self diagnosed disorder..aka a legitimate snowflake?" Someone muttered. Trump's whole cabinet and a good part of his administration was here too so it was impossible to tell who it was.

Jefferson stood up. "What an appropriate job you have done, Mr. President, selecting your administration staff! They're quite the bunch, if I do say so myself... They really spread the idea of tolerance... all over its back."

If there was a record on, it would have stopped like in the cartoons. The room was dead silent.
Alexander started laughing softly. He high fived him and they sat back down as the room started to talk again.

"Now... uh..." Burr mumbled.

"Yes, let's change the subject..." Washington mouthed an apology towards the either fuming or embarrassed president.

What the hell just happened.

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