Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 18.

♥♥Starfire's Point Of View♥♥

I was driving in the limousine when we finally got to church! I was so happy I got out of the car as soon as we arrived!

As I walked down the aisle, I got a feeling...a feeling that is trying to tell me that this seemed wrong. I ignored it and walked over to Dylan and then sat next to him.

♥♥Robin's Point Of View♥♥

I was rushing to the church in my R-cycle! Raven was flying in her black magic, Beastboy flying as a bird and cyborg in the T-car.

I was really going very fast! I'm surprised I did not get a speeding ticket! The only thing in my mind was starfire and how we have to stop that wedding! I still remember when we first meet and when her sister came to jump city and starfire though she was replacing her.

All those memories.Those wonderful memories will always be in my heart and in starfire's heart too even if she lost her memory. I just hope we are in time or that the note was not a set up.

We finally got there I jump out of my motorcycle and run as fast as I could Yelling "STARFIRE DON'T DO IT!"

She turned around with a confused look on her face.

♥♥Starfire's Point Of View♥♥

I was about to say "I do" but then I hear someone saying "STARFIRE DON'T DO IT!" I turned around confused, but I noticed it was only Robin!

I got furious I go up walked to Robin and then I said "You Better leave now before I make you leave!!!!"

"Starfire!I won't leave until you hear me out!"

I was about to say something but Dylan came and said "oh..really? another of your lies? "

"actually no just Your lie!"

I turned around to Dylan and said "What is Robin saying!?"


"Y-YOU WHERE LYING ABOUT SOMETHING!!!!" I yelling on then top of my lungs.

"Yeah...he is about us the Teen Titans being villains!" said a green skin boy I think his name was Beastboy according to the girl in the blue smacking his head.

Then Robin walked up to me and said "Starfire...try to remember everything please!"Then he got close and kissed me! Then said "Remember that kiss in the roof the other night? "

I started to remember everything again yes I know what they were all talking about!

"I-I do remember everything!!!"

"You do!?" said Robin getting closer.

"Yes I do Robin! "

He hugged me tight but of course we notice slade and kitten coming towards us with angry faces.

" discover out plan but it doesn't mean you win!" said kitten pulling out a remote and clicking on a green button. Out came lot's of Slade's robots and lots of moths!

(Robin)" We have to fight them!"

(Cyborg)"Are you crazy!? There like a million moths and robots we can't fight them all!!!"

(Robin)"Where superheroes we need to try!"

(Starfire)" I agree with Robin!"

(Beastboy)"of course you would! You two are like in love!"

Raven smacked beastboy in the back on his head just like in the Tokyo movie!

(Robin)"Thanks Raven, beastboy really needed that! Anyways we have to fight them so...TITANS GO!"

So um...I decided to not end it in the next chapter but the 20th chapter! Yay an extra chapter! I'm going to miss writing this story but it's almost over and yeah....

Anyways remember my question game?

Yup I had some questions but people actually inbox me a question or two I think they where to shy to comment there question! Anyways.

Q.Do you have a dog?

A:Yes I do and it's a chihuahua!

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Q:How old are you?

A: I'm 13 ( I'm now 14. Yes! This is how old this book is! :))

Q:Who is your favorite famous person?


And Ariana Grande!

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A:only braces but no glasses! Lol

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