Finding The Good In The Bad

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3:30 p.m

It's been a couple days since my bro got out the hospital and I'm glad he okay. When he opened up his eyes it was truly a miracle. I ain't gone even lie for a minute I was questioning
God and whether he would come through for the both of us, but he did. I'm mad thankful for that too cause niggas get shot everyday B and some don't get to live to tell the story, but Jayceon he did.

I realize I shouldn't take life for granted because it can be token away from you within a blink of a eye not saying I'm leaving the game or nothing like that, but drew definitely boutta change some shit up in his life fo sho.

I decided to go check up on Jay to see how he was doing and shit. I know he been saying he good and shit, but I gotta see my bro face to face and make sure that's what it is. I mean we chopped it up before he got out the hospital, but I feel like his head all over the place with life in general. I just wanna make sure he good physically and mentally because that's my best friend and if he hurting so am I. Family is everything so it's only right. Like I said before me and Jay been tight since forever and he always been there for me especially when I was locked up and, so yeah I'ma see what's up with him no doubt.

''Yo what's up B?'' I said walking into his crib. It was a mess up in here. I know he a bachelor and shit but damn. This nigga had the curtains closed it was dark as hell and he looked like yesterday. This shit wasn't sitting well with me at all. My brother gotta get it together and I'm gone help him out.

''Shit nothing what you doing here B?'' He said sitting on the couch filled with clothes. Yo this nigga wasn't living right at all. This shooting must've really got to him. I gotta talk some sense into him I ain't no preacher nor am I some holy ass person, but it ain't nothing for a real nigga to speak some real shit.

''Nigga I came to check up on yo ass the fuck? I would ask if you good or not but clearly I can see you not.'' I said sitting down on his dirty ass couch. I looked around his apartment like damn I know I ain't the cleanest Nigga out there when it come to houses and shit, but damn only if you could see Jay place. He was making my shit look real good about now.

''I'm straight bro.'' He said all nonchalant and shit. I knew this nigga was lying even Stevie wonder could see he was going through it.

''Jay stop lying my nigga you not alright bro talk to me my nigga.'' I said.

He might as well just tell me even though I already know. This shit is never easy, but it comes with the game. You gotta be prepared for anything getting shot, robbed, lied on, niggas switching up, even the police but shit this is the life we chose for ourselves and we gotta deal with it straight up. I'm not saying we asked for it, but then again we did.

''Nah Drew I'm good for real.''He said.

Jay was acting like any other nigga who didn't like to express they feelings. That's a average Nigga for you, but Jay he always been like this even when we was kids. I hated it then and I'm not fuckin with it now. He was gone talk to me whether he knew it or no . I'm not taking no for a answer ain't no holding shit back. Fuck all of that B we gone chop it up like brothers do simple as that.

''Jay .... come on my nigga.'' I said looking at home while he just looked like he was outta ther. Eyes red and all I bet he been smoking hella blunts and fucking with dirty Sprite. That was always the answer for a nigga back then, but now it changed for me.

''Yo what you want me to say man? Damn.'' He said getting all hype.

''Nigga take some of that base out yo voice and tell me the real. I been knowing you for way too long Jay. I know something ain't right. Everybody been trynna call and check up on you, but you ain't been hitting nobody back. What's up with that B?'' I said while he shrugged.

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