The Truth

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Lisa's was...??? Pregnant! I nearly screamed... she hasn't told Christian yet and she doesn't want the fact it out of the bag until she's officially crowned as a queen.  After everything me and lissa had been through. We trusted eachother with our lives. I told her she had to tell Christian and she said she wasn't feeling well to the gang and that she had to go back to their room for the night. She gave me a hug and said she would talk to me tomorrow. So it left me, adrian, mia and Dimitri. As soon as Lisa and Christian left. Mia got a call she jumped out of the pool and grabbed her phone as Adrian starring at her ass. Of course. She said she had to go.  Her sister was having a baby. I didn't even know she had a sister. But I didn't really know Mia well. Her and Adrian left and me and Dimitri had the whole pool to ourselves...
D:"Oh Roza what am I going to do with you."
R: "I Have a few ideas."
D:"Oh and what would that be"
R:"I'll just show you! 😉"
We were both in the water me in my bikini barely covering anything especially my D cup. Which was strange considering I was a c cup last week. My boobs have grown a whole cup a in a week. Dimitri wasn't complaining. We stripped eachother of our clothes and we skinny dipped. Dimitri grabbed me by my hips and sat me on the pool ledge. He took his monster cock and without warning shoved it straight in my pussy. I was aching for more of him. "Dimitri please faster ughh!!"
As he was fucking me we were going like rabbits. He's never went this fast. I could have swore  he took something to go that fast. We continued like this until I was on edge.  Dimitri I'm cumming. Right as I said that Dimitri shot his load in me. We put out suits back on. We grabbed our towels and went back to our room. We both showered and went to sleep.

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