John's Confusion

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John's POV:

I was, to say in the least, enormously confused. Sherlock had a daughter? It was only believable because standing right in front of me was a female Holmes. She looked almost exactly like her daddy.

Kyna's hair was raven black and tumbling down her back in a corkscrew-curly fountain. Her eyes were... his eyes. For some reason when I saw his- sorry, her crystal orbs, my stomach twisted. Today her eyes were tinted green, but with Sherlock I had seen icy blue, navy blue, emerald green, and hazel. I wouldn't doubt that her eyes were as unpredictable as well.

Her cheek bones were very angular and it made her look more sophisticated. Her nose was pointed and tilted up in a permanently haughty look; but it was a look that I had never seen before. Clearly this was not a trait she had caught from Sherlock. When she was standing, she was about the same height as me, which was unsettling.

As I stared at this girl, only one thing made sense. I was an adult. She was a child. I was at an advantage. "I need you to backtrack." I commanded. "What the hell is going on?"

Kyna gracefully sank into the chair in the living room, swinging her legs up over the arm. She tilted her head.

"No wonder he likes you. You've got quite an innocent look about you." She smiled. "My name, as I've said already, is Kyna. You may call me Joss. I'm sixteen. My mother died a week ago and I've been living with Sherlock... because he's-"

"Your dad. I got that. Go back to the part where all of this makes sense, because I must've missed it." As I said that, the door blew open and Sherlock rushed in, shouting.

"Kyna, grab your coat! We're going to St. Bart's!"

Kyna sprung up immediately. "What's happened?"

"Five murders in a row. An entire family of politicians just sitting in their parlor... DEAD." He clapped his hands together. "This is just brilliant. This is perfect!" He hugged Kyna, spinning her around. She made a noise in protest, and looked a little flustered when he put her down.

Then he ran into the next bedroom, returning a moment later with a woman's coat and scarf. Quickly Kyna shrugged the coat on and tied the scarf around her neck.

"When were they confirmed?" She asked breathlessly.

"Hours ago. OH, I'm going to kill Lestrade for not telling me sooner!" He took her hand and together they dashed out the door. I cleared my throat, trying to understand what had just happened.

I waited for probably three seconds. And then slowly, Sherlock's head poked around the corner of the door.


"Now he sees me." I growled to myself.

Sherlock's burning eyes flickered over my person. "Mary isn't with you... she's staying with... Her parents? Why did you come back?" He continued to look over me. "You've had a fight." He concluded. I nodded, ducking my head down in embarrassment.

"I needed some time away."

"Already?" Sherlock made a noise in exasperation and rolled his eyes.

"I'm ignoring that. Apparently you've already replaced me... with your daughter. What the hell, Sherlock? Care to explain?"

I'm sure he was secretly having a laugh at me. but all he did was shrug. "We don't have time. Are you coming or not?"

"Fine." I snapped, trying to contain the excitement that was- for some annoying reason- building in my chest. I grabbed my keys and we headed out. Kyna was waiting in the hall, her eyes dancing with excitement.

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