The Swim

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Rose POV:
After me and Dimitri got down we decided to shower. We had to take separate showers if you know what I mean. We knew the gang wouldn't love the smell of lustful sex on our bodies. Even if we did. 😉 I absolutely love Dimitri. I hopped out of the shower and Dimitri jumped in. I went first because I take forever according to Dimitri. As soon as he jumped in the shower he yelled "ROZA!!" Whoops did I mention I like really hot showers.  I might forgot to mention I used all the hot water. I'm sure Dimitri will get me back for this. I was putting my hair in a messy bun with a towel wrapped around me when Dimitri finished his super cold and short shower. I walked in our room from the bathroom and grabbed me bikini. Dimitri was catching glimpses at me so I dropped my towel and dropped my bikini top in the floor. I bent down to pick it up. Dimitri growled at me and I responded with "see something you like." He already has his boxers on. I grabbed us some towels and texted lisa. I knew he would get me back. Me, dimitri, adrian, mia  ( adrians girlfriend), Lisa and her lover boy Christian all met up at the pool. I was just putting my towels on a chair when I felt someone grab my hips. I already knew it was dimitri. We decided to play truth or dare. I was the queen at truth or dare and everyone knew it. I volunteered to go first. Sparky t or d? We all knew sparky was Christian liss's lover boy. He had it coming he called me Rosie. We had a hate love relationship. He said truth and lissa ended it. She said were not playing truth or dare tonight. Everyone looked at Lisa questioning that's when I was pulled in her head. Lisa's was...???

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