2 | "We're going for a run soon"

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~Yasmin’s POV~

      The door to the cellar opened and three members of Paul pack walked in. One of them pulled me up and dragged me out the dark room. We all went to the kitchen were Paul was eating breakfast. I was pushed onto a barstool and a plate of food was placed in front of me.

      “Eat,” Paul ordered. “We’re going for a run soon.”

      I nodded meekly and started eating. As the minutes passed, I contemplated a way of escaping. Paul hadn’t come to the cellar for three days and so I wasn’t as weak as I usually was. The food was also really good and so I would have a lot of energy. Many of Paul’s pack members were away on jobs and so only three of them would be coming with Paul today and not the usual six. If I had any chance of getting away from him, today would be the best day to try.

      Yes, I would escape… or die trying.

~Blake’s POV~

      Everything was set. Everyone knew what they were doing. Everything would go to plan… hopefully.

      I had extra pack members everywhere in case things went wrong and I was in wolf form so that my pack could communicate with me all the time.

      Andy had found out that Paul was leaving his compound with five other wolves for a while and so we’d decided to break all the prisoners out while he was away.

      Jason, Eric and a few other members of my pack were going to actually break into the compound and free the prisoners. Charlie and I were patrolling the east and west sides of the forest with some more pack members. I would also be keeping an eye on Paul and his buddies to see what he was up to and to inform the rest of my pack if something when he was coming back. We knew that if something went wrong, one of Paul’s pack members would just shift and tell Paul through their mind link and so I had to make sure that Paul was well away from the compound before my pack started attacking.

      Paul would be leaving soon and then the plan would be in motion.

~Yasmin’s POV~

      I left the compound with Paul and his men at exactly 10am. I decided that I needed to be well away from the compound so that he wouldn’t be able to drag me back easily when I made a break for it.

      When I stepped outside, I shifted into my beautiful brown wolf and shook out my limbs in preparation for the long run (and escape) ahead of me.

      Paul and his pack members shifted too. After a moment, Paul gave me a small nod. I shot off into the forest as fast as I could revelling in the freedom that I felt. I slowed down after a second so that it didn’t look like I was trying to escape. Paul and his men were all around me, making sure that I was always close to them.

      We had been running for about half-an-hour and I knew that this was my chance. We were far enough from the compound and there were less of them to chase me. Slowly, I started to travel faster and faster ducking through the trees and enjoying the feel of the wind blowing through my fur.

      I started to run faster and faster until I saw a river approaching me. I went straight through the river and climbing up onto the other side. Shaking the water off my fur, I looked behind me to see Paul and his pack looking at me with angry eyes. I smirked and shot off into the trees.

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