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Pen Your Pride

He cheats

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"'Come over we need to talk. ~Taylor" my boyfriend taylor texted me.

I wonder what he has to talk to me about? I text him back a simple 'okay' .

I grab my car keys and head over to Taylor's house. I don't even bother getting ready . I'm wearing gray sweatpants and a navy blue v-neck .

My hair is in a sloppy bun and I have a bandana on as a headband. Yes taylor got me into bandanas.

I jump into my car and drive the short 5 minute drive to Taylor's house.

Only his car is in the front of his house so he's the only one home.

I can't but help to get nervous when I walk up to Taylor's door.

I knock and stand patient for him to open the door. When he does he's wearing sweatpants and no shirt.

Death of me!

"Hey" I kiss his cheek and hug him but he doesn't hug back.

"We should go in my room" he says bluntly as he walks up the steps.

This isn't good.

Is he gonna breakup with me?

"Okay" I mumble as I walk into his room. I sit next to him and look at him studying his face. He looks tired and his eyes are a little bit red.

He runs a hand through his hair and tosses his bandana on the floor.

"Taylor?" I ask putting my hand on his thigh but he takes it off .

"Are you breaking up with me?" I ask in disbelief but he shakes his head breathing in sharply.

"Your gonna hate me. Hell I hate myself Y/n" he runs a hand down his face.


"Why would I hate you ?" I ask and he looks at me with guilt written across his face.

"Oh my god" my voice cracks . I get up and pace around his room.

"Please don't tell me you-" I trail off not able to complete the sentence.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking. It meant nothing I swear!" His eyes are starting to get ready now.

He cheated on me!

"You had sex with another girl and you weren't 'thinking'! " I yell at him putting air quotes around 'thinking'.

He stays silent and a tear escapes his eye. He never cries and this scares me. He deserves it he cheated.

"With who. And when" I scrunch my face together in disgust . Tears stain my cheeks and I quickly wipe them off.

"Please believe me it meant nothing I don't know why I even did- " I cut him off by speaking again.

"With who and when" I say with my voice low and hoarse.

"2 nights ago and Ashley" he whispers her name.

"Your e- ex g girlfriend ?" I stutter.

"I'm sorry" he puts his head in his hands.

"What! How did it happen" I ask with a shaky voice and body.

"She asked me to talk and me being an idiot I said yeah. She came over and she didn't want to talk she just started kissing me and I wasn't thinking and I gave in shit do I feel like an idiot I'm sorry" he cries out.

"Am I not good enough?" I ask him sitting down on his bed staring at the floor.

"Baby your perfect you deserve so much better than me I'm so sorry I can't even tell you that enough times holy shit-" I cut him off my kissing him.

"What?" He pulls away confused.

"It was a mistake . Even if I am furious and heart broken I can't breakup with you I love you too much" I say truthfully and he pulls me into a tight hug.

"I love you I'm sorry" he kisses my neck

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