Chapter 3: The Hourglass inauguration

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The loud siren blared across the area and, as Peter knows, the whole country. The Hourglass has begun. "CRAP!!!" Peter screamed, horrified as hell. "WHY DID I HAVE TO LEAVE THE STUPID BASEMENT?!!!!???! I HAVE TO GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!" He turned around and frantically ran, almost tripping. He ran through the woods, tightening the strap on his gasmask. Trying really hard to ignore the siren's ear-piercing blare, Peter violently scampered towards the exit. He suddenly slammed into a shadowy force, causing them to both fall on their backs. Peter quickly sat up and screamed, "WHAT THE HELL, MA...?!!!" The figure is gone. Ignoring what just happened, Peter got up and scampered through the exit like a maniac. Not paying attention where he's at, he continued running until he reached his house. He started banging on the door, screaming, "LET ME IT, $@#& IT!!!" Due to the loud blares from the siren, he didn't get any answers. "GET ME THE #$@% INSIDE!!!!" Peter screamed, angry and frightened. He ran towards the window that he came out of, pulled the gasmask off his face, threw it out of sight, and banged on the window intensely. He knew that he couldn't open the windows because, as his parents told him once, the window locks from the inside. "HOGARTH!!!! CASSIDY!!!!! MOM!!!! DAD!!!!!" He screamed like a maniac. "I'M OUTSIDE!!!! LET ME IN, HOGARTH, YOU STUPID, INCONSIDERATE...!!!!" He suddenly stopped screaming. He knew that would look like an idiot if he was screaming like a girl while a Civil Defense Siren blared. Without thinking, he stormed away from his home. He knew that the one place whose owner is dumb enough to let someone in is his only option.

Sarah's house...

Sarah K. Morland is laying on a soft, white mattress on the ground in her plain white room with a light brown blanket. She and her family just moved to a new house in Brooklyn. BANG-BANG!!! She quickly sat up, tired. "SARAH!!! LET ME IN!!!" A voice shouted. "PLEASE!!!! @$&# IT!!!" Sarah shook fearfully, thinking someone is trying to break in. "IT'S ME, PETER!!!! OPEN THE $@&%ING DOOR, PLEASE!!!! THE HOURGLASS INAUGURATED!!!!!" Sarah jumped out of bed, stormed into her closet across from her mattress, changed into a green, short-sleeved, bare-midriff cropped top, pink jeans, and ran down the stairs. Her bedroom door is at the end of the left side of the house, in front of the stairs, and has white walls. The stairs is in front of the front door and next to the living room. The house also has a dark brown balcony. The living room had a long green couch against the right wall and an old, black Panasonic television stood across from it. Sarah swung the door open intensely. "Peter, what's wrong?!!?" She cried, horrified. "Your freaking out!!" "LET ME IN!!!" Peter shouted, running inside without thinking, slamming the door shut and locking it. "Oh, god!" He gasped, wandering around the living room and clenching his hair. "I'm a dead man!! If the Hourglass werewolves don't kill me first, Mom and Dad are gonna dance on my grave like a FRICKING DISCO PARTY!!!"  "Take it easy, Peter!!" Sarah begged, grabbing Peter's shoulder. "You're hyperventilating! Take a deep breath and use your words!" Peter clenched his chest and took several deep breaths. He then calmed down. "I went to the woods the megacorporation strictly prohibited just to search for someone who was lurking in the woods! I didn't even realize I was gone to long!! I'm such a brain-dead idiot!" "Relax, relax!" Sarah pleaded. "It's okay! We can hide in my basement!" "You don't have a basement!" Peter cried fearfully, losing his calmness. "AND, you've just moved here!! Tell me, HOW ARE WE GONNA SURVIVE THE HOURGLASS?!!!? WE'RE VULNERABLE TO THE WEREWOLVES!!!" "Use. Your. Words." Sarah said, calmly stern. "Please..." Peter took more deep breaths. He began to speak, but, suddenly, the siren stopped blaring. The TV in the living room automatically turned on and showed an Hourglass symbol with white sand slowly making its way to the bottom. The Hourglass is being timed...! Peter thought. Just like every month. This is literally... CRASH!! The window suddenly shattered into pieces as a rock taped to a piece of paper flew into the house and landed on the living room floor, causing Sarah to shriek and Peter to swear. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!!!" Sarah shouted. "WHO THREW THAT?!!" Peter slowly walked towards the rock and picked it up. He pulled off the paper and read the inscription on it,

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