Poem #13

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When the dark starts to pour,

And beat down on your roof,

Trust in me,

I'll help you,

Lean on me.

Lest your worries torment your mind,

And your guilt swallow you,

Remember my words,

For I am here.

So lean on me, my darling,

Lean on me.

I offer my shoulder,

For shedding your tears.

I offer my courage,

For facing your fears.

I offer my hand,

For when the dark nears.

If you need my strength,

Lean on me.

I'll lift you up,

Above all the evil.

I'll grab you and hold you,

And whisper good things,

To remind you of happier times.

I'll sit in the dark with you,

I'll face the rain with you,

I'll battle the world with you,

I'll ease the pain for you.

Lean on me,

When you can't hold your own,

When people are cruel,

When you feel all alone.

Don't you worry,

I'll be right here.

Don't you fret,

I'll always be near.

If the cold is too bitter,

I'll give you my coat.

If your heart's turned to frost,

I'll still love you,

No matter the cost.

When life creeps in,

And robs you your joy,

You can lean on me,

So you can't be destroyed.

I'll be your rock,

Your armor,

Your shelter,

I'll be your strength,

Believe in me.

When you get pushed down,

I'll pull you up out of the dirt,

I'll raise you high,

And shout at the world;

"Don't come near!

I protect this one with my life,

So don't you dare come near!"

I trust you, believe in you,

And I love you.

More than the others,

More than you think.

I'll be your protector,

Because you first were mine.

I'd walk for miles for you,

I'd take the beating for you,

I'd cry quarts for you,

I'd take a bullet for you.

Lean on me, my hero,

My darling, my love,

We can face it together,

Just lean on me.

Lean on me.


{It is for all of my friends that I write this. All those who are going through a hard time, having a bad day or just need someone to be there for them. This is for you all, this is because you can lean on me, this is because you deserve better.

And most importantly, this is because I love you. Each and every one of you.

God Bless,

-Blue }

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