death note love stories (L Lawliett)

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L Lawliett

ever since you met L in psychology, he personally slelected you to help him investigate in the kira case. as long as you dont tell Light Yagami of corse, you accept L's offer. at first his akwardness was strange, but soon afterwards you got used to it. being able to interpret his emotions became a game you found to be amusing. not only that but you became L's companion to talk to, that certain someone with a similar mind capacity as him. you them became L's "sweets buddy", you made him sweets, but he shared them with you. you found L to be childlike, yet fun with his witty remarks. your friendship seemed to grow by the day. until one day, one of the best days, the fun was ruined, when Light came to HQ several hours early. the two of you where eating panda cookies and drinking tea while perched on the couch. you took to sitting like L, since meeting him. Light interrupted the small partake in the sweet banquet, the two of you had occasionally, as he walked in. L turned his head to Light and tried to remain calm as if this weren't out to the ordinary. you could tell L was worried. L stood up, and excused himself to get more sweets for Light. he jumped off the couch, and walked away."L where are you going and why would you leave me in the room with this psycho?!" you thought to yourself. Light pleasantly smiled at you, then sat beside you on the couch, where L was sitting. which made you feel extremely uncomfortable. not only that but he then gave you a evil glare, you could feel his dark eyes burning through you.

Light:"so all those times i asked you out, you told me you had psychology!"

you:"I did have psychology, just not today!" you frantically exclaim.

Light:"liar! you've been here with ryuzaki the whole time! admit it! ugh! i can't believe you'd rather be with a socially retarded freak than with me!"

you:"you're one to talk! are you saying im not allowed to have friends?!"

Light:"He's not even your friend! you have feelings for him, dont you?" Light hit the nail on the head, it was true, all those times you spent with L, built up your feelings like those sugar cube towers L made. Light was trying to knock the tower over by mere words. "L where are you" you desperately think to yourself as you look to the door hoping L would soon return.

unprepared, Light pinned you down to the couch as he ran his hands down your waist pushing you towards him, quickly advancing from there Light pulls your face near his. he planted a rough kiss on your lips and wouldnt let you pull away from him. your toungs tangled, and twisted. your stomach began to feel uneasy, as tears filled your eyes. letting go of your hands light grabs your ass and boob, pushing down hard on top of you, this was the last straw. you used this opportunity to slap Light across the face and knee him in the stomach, sadly you missed his crotch but the stomach will do. as long as you could get away from this psycho was good enough to you. Leaping off the couch, you make a mad dash for the door. Light grabbed your arm and pulled you close to him again. he rubbed between your legs as he whispered in your ear

"so you wanna play this game do you? I will win! even if i have to kill L to get you, I WILL HAVE YOU! I am kira! I AM GOD!"

"your not god" you whisper back to him tears running down your face. as he pressed closer to you, you scream

"HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE HELP ME! LET GO!" returning your frantic calls, L opedned the door with a platter full of sweets. light qickly removed his hand and his expression changed, as L tilted his head like a child who didnt understand.

Light: oh dear, you tripped on the couch again, are you all right?" you glare at Light.

L:"Light why was she screaming?" L said in his usual dull voice.

Light:"I'm sure its nothing, oh will you look at the time i have class in 15 minutes. see you tomorrow ryuzaki!" Light called behind him as he ran to the door. Stumbling your way towards the couch, you couldn't believe Light could do that and lie so casually about it. You hide your face in your knees and hugged them tightly, sobbing as L sat next to you.