° Rough On The Edges (4/5) °

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"What do you mean again?"

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Though his concern topped everything off Aishi was his highest priority. "We are going to have a long intimate conversation after this." Gray decided without your approval, or denial for that matter. You tried to discuss it further, but you knew it was futile and that there were other matters to attend to.

Rushing towards the back you could see a large man and a child standing in the gaping hole from the explosion. The large man was quite muscular with long brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. The boy was quite thin and short with his black hair in as bowl cut fashion. You both were clearly thrown off at the sight of the pair, but Ren had pulled you from your thoughts.

"You two must not allow these hooligans to do as they wish!" Ren dusted himself off and slicked his blonde hair back ,"I will show you why I am the foreigners personal bodyguard." The rapier adorned on his waist was unsheathed and he crouched down in a fighting stance.

Grey formed an ice sword and rushed to Ren's side while your lips twitched into an eerie smile, as you slowly made your way towards your comrades. Electricity coursed through your body similar to that of an electric eel, but just a tad more lethal.

The large man looked down at the child and spoke ," Rui what are we suppose to do?" The child sighed at the man ," Don for the last time we must kill the men they are protecting so that way our contracts do not get voided by this shitty piece treaty." Obviously the child appeared to be in charge of this raid while the man appeared to be his muscles. "Shall we begin?" Ren nodded at you and Grey and raced towards your enemies with force. Though the man was quite large he dodged Ren's attacks with ease and was seemingly teasing the blonde Knight. Ren cursed under his breath as it became difficult to even swing at Don.

You turned to speak to Grey only to see him undressing himself. "G-Grey!!! W-What are Y-you doing?!" your face lit up and you turned away unable to speak with him half naked ,"Put your pants back on!" Grey muttered a Yeah yeah only for you to be wrapped in his strong arms from behind. "Please be careful... I'll see you after we kick their asses..." and just like that Grey was gone and throwing his ice magic with a fury of one hundred men. You slapped your cheeks fitfully before rushing right behind him.

You ran as fast as a lightning strike touching several sensitive muscle on Don. "Haha! you believe your poking is doing anything to me? Foolish child I Wi-... I..." Soon the large man crumbled to the ground with a loud thud. "Thank you for the openings fellas." You have a sly wink towards Grey and looked towards the child who held several keys in his hands. "Y-You... Stay away!" Rui stuttered seeming much less than confident than he did before Don fell. When you and the other two let your guard down he began to chant something ,"O' darkness of Hades... I call upon you... Release your powers and destroy our enemies!" Suddenly a powerful wave of force pushed the three of you back as a large shadow figure towered over you. "Bwahaha! You thought that gorilla was my ace? You must be joking! Meet Hades! The true power behind my being!" the child's eyes grew dialated and almost maniacal. The inhuman like shadow stood above you and you became frightend and could not move. This was exactly as it was all those years ago. This demon let's power was released upon your home and you could still hear that man's chaos induced laugh from miles away, and this was him. This child was not a child, but a man who never grew old.

"(Y/n)!!! Get out of the way!"

All you could see was darkness closing in on you and you felt as though you were about to have your fate sealed. You squeezed you eyes shut awaiting the hurt that would come, but no pain ever came about you. When you perked from tightly shut eyes all you saw was Grey surrounding you both in a fortress of ice. "You okay?" he smiled and held your face in his hand. You nodded meekly as your face became flushed. "I remember that night... You were quite smaller then... You were hanging off the edge and I saved you from falling but I was too late to save your family from that key mage... I... I'm sorry I was so useless (Y/n)..."  Tears pricked at your eyes, but you held back them all ,"Stop... It was not your fault..." You quieted his self-absorbed because it was true he had no reason to place the blame solely on himself. "Let us finish this together then." You decided pulling Grey up from his hands and knees. As Grey released the shield snow scattered in a flurry of snowflakes, similar to that of a snow storm, and you let loose a barrage of light style attacks. This attack intensified with Grey's attack sent the entity and it's keyholder to the ceiling and back down. The entity disappeared and the child like man did not move.

You hurried over to Rui removing his key ring while Grey and Ren placed the duo into a holding cell. Soon authorities will take them away where you will never have to deal with them ever again.

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Soon Aishi and Ren's master appeared from the room with sunken smiles and laughter. "M-Master are you serious?! You got drunk! Did you two sign the paperwork?!" Ren was clearly upset at the two as he continued to schools them. "R-ren my boy... Calm yourself we knew this meeting was just to sign papers and all the formalities... but it appears you three had some fun?" Ren's master came up to you and Grey and smiled. "I am Musushi... I am also Aishi's childhood friend... I see he has some fine young men under him. Good for you Aishi!" Musushi laughed and waved off any and all questions as he began to walk towards the criminals who were both still fast asleep thanks to you. "Ahh... These two idiots were the cause of the ruckus..." Musushi sighed and sat down on a nearby crate ,"Aishi go ahead on home we shall wait for the authorities... I'll be seeing you all some time soon." With that you three said your goodbyes and headed home only this time you were the one to be strapped in and drove, due too Aishi's drunkenness and Grey's over use of his magic.

"Hey... So... about that conversation..." Grey began with a slightly flushed face.

"Shh... Enjoy the quiet until we get home." You reached over and held his hand gently to calm his worries and questions. Grey awkwardly agreed and leaned out the window taking in the scenary passing by.

"Stop worrying."

"I am not worrying..."

"Yeah you are."

"Oh shut up... Y-you're lucky your driving... otherwise I would kick you ass..."

"We both know you do not want to kick my ass..."

"Hmph... Maybe a few other thing..."

"Shut up."


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