An Unexpected Surprise. Part 72

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23rd February 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Having Barb telling us that she knows about the whereabouts of Bobby's little brother was so exciting to find out. Keeping it a secret wasn't so exciting, though. I wanted to know as did everyone else. But Barb was very tight lip about it for some reason.

Then finding out that Melly was the one who copied the seventh ledger as well as replaced it when it was burnt was a big surprise too. It helped to answer a few things the others had questions for. Of course, we had to call Peter and let him know of this latest development with his daughter and after he and Celia came around, they were informed of just about everything.

Then there was us all looking through all the albums and boxes of photo's that Sharon had given to Barb of her grandparents which made it all even more exciting. But my eyes were constantly being drawn to the photo's that had been set up on the bench and far wall of both George and Violet. They were such a beautiful couple. They really were. And it was hard not to look at both Barb and Jimmy who were the images of those two whom they resembled.

So it was fairly late by the time we all turned in for the night. I was so tired and I have to say it was a relief to finally close my eyes that night. The following day we were going to spend with both Alice and Henry. They called their other two daughters who lived not too far away and we were all going to have dinner with them and their families.

We were still organising arrangements for the Webster clan to come up to Bend and visit with others of the Joifield family. By the time we get there, both Daniel and their kids with John and Joy will have arrived. George was staying in England at the moment after proving who he was and settling in at the family seat he inherited from his great, great-grandfather, Sebastian Chesterfield.

It seems that George has already set himself up as a 'gentleman' according to the English hierarchy as it becomes known that he is the latest Earl of Lowell, which is the seat of the Chesterfield family. I can't wait to meet the Earl. I would imagine that he would very well suit the title.

The next morning, I can't remember what it was that broke through my sub conscience and begin to wake me up. It could have been the birds that I can hear chirping outside the window or the low hum of voices of those who were already up and awake getting themselves ready for the day. But I was now alert enough to think about getting myself up and ready to face the day.

But I was still so tired. I was thinking that enough was enough and I was going to make an appointment as soon as possible with the doctor and get myself checked out. It has to be more than jetlag. I'm sure it shouldn't have lasted this long. It was ridiculous is what it is. Ridiculous.

So I roused myself to get up and after refreshing myself with a quick shower, I was dressed and heading down the stairs and following the voices to where I found them all congregating in the kitchen together. The atmosphere was quite jovial I was thinking.

" There you are. We have decided to do a bit of sightseeing today and have a break from everything. What do you think?" Jenny was excited to tell me that little bit of information with a smile on her face.

" That sounds like a pleasant change from everything. " I said to her as I made my way across the room to make myself a cup of tea. But halfway across the room, I thought the room was wobbling and the others were making faces at me.

" Sarah?" I vaguely heard Jenny ask me something. Or just call my name. I just blinked at her as I stood beside the bench with the cups. Everything was really wobbling in front of me and I didn't know why.

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