Okay Wonderful Wattpaders. “Book Cover Makers” or "Graphic Cover Makers" is exactly as the title says, people who make covers for Wattpad story and this “story” is full of their resumes.

In order to get a book cover maker, please browse through the resumes until you find a cover maker right for you. Once you do that please fill out the form which can be found in the comments and then post. Once you do that editorsUNITE will take it from there.

If you would like to be a cover maker then please fill out the form that can be found on the About Page on our profile.


Any requests made improperly will not be carried out; requests placed on this chapter are considered improper. Please follow all rules or eU cannot guarantee your request will be answered--this includes any requests made on this chapter.

PS A special shout out to @thekingdom for our new cover 

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