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Please note that I don't mean any offense to whoever believe in God, any God in that matter.

God is really very important part of any serial in Indian serials because without him, the hero or heroine wont be able to get out of difficult situations. So God is one of the most important role in every single serial you see in India.

But do you know what's ever so interesting about this?

Its that every single people in one serial follows same God if you have ever realized.

Like in Hinduism, there are many Gods. Shiva, Parvati, Hanuman, Krishna, Kaali, and lot more are there and there are even different names for a same God like Krishna has another name Kanha.

And if a person from Hindu family is very religious, he or she mostly happens to follow a God they idealize. Like if someone follows Hanuman passionately, they do it unconditionally. But it happens that their family or relative might be idealizing other God than him or her. Or it can also happen that they follow many Gods and not only chosen one.

Now here's what happens in the serial.

In a serial, ALL of the members, not only in the family but all of the characters follow same God with same name calling. THAT'S NOT FREAKING POSSIBLE!! JUST GET THAT STRAIGHT!!

Here are few I know:

-Ambema (Kalash)

          "Ambema" is one way of calling a Goddess but I didn't know this word existed until I saw this serial. How come every single person in this serial calls Goddess by this name and every single person follows Ambema!?

-Matarani (Sasural Simar Ka)

          I seriously hate to mention this serial, its a cancer but I cant help it. "Matarani" is also one way of saying Goddess and this word is quite common in many other serials.

-Kaalima (Kasam)

          ALL of them follows God Kaali. What else can I say.

-Kanha ji (I don't remember)

          If they refer God Krishna by Kanha Ji, all of them are gonna stick with that name and all of them gonna follow the same God.

The serial makers should know that that doesn't happen in real life okay!

And for some change, they gotta put up a story without involving a God in it. Like for God's shake, give them a break!

That was ironic lol

AND!! There's one more thing in this chapter.

AND!! There's one more thing in this chapter

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This picture is from "Kasam". You see the old woman at right?

She is like a woman who lives in temple or something like that and she is the keeper of Kaali Mandir which is a temple dedicated for Goddess Kaali. And this old woman was told by Goddess Kaali to bring the main girl and boy in this serial together.


The Goddess now has no work but to ask for her helper to bring a couple together for her entire life. Like now it seems Gods have nothing to do but bring certain couple together that also for the entire series this old woman only work for this single couple.

What about the real problems in the world? -.-

I know this is a serial, but this is a total bullshit!!

Okay, so...

Until we meet next time :)

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