Hey I know I put them in a gang and the secret is out . But only with the friends , wait and see what happens between Derek and Olivia

It was Friday and we were sitting in the cafeteria . The week was fun . I got to know the guys better ,now more than ever . I talked to dad about the gang thing . Let's say he was not happy but let me join .


We woke up , a tangled mess . Amber and Hanna had there heads on my lap and Rick was my pillow . Cody on the couch and Deni was somehow hanging upside down from it . Jasmine was curled on the armchair .
Grunting I got up , well tried to . I saw Jasmine's eyes flutter . She saw my position and bit her lips from laughing .
Some how she managed to get me out of the death trap .
After waking everyone up I went to wake Bella and made breakfast for her . " We not getting anything ?" Rick came in yawning . "We going Starbucks " I smiled over my shoulder .
" Lia " Bella called for me with unsure voice . I went to see and saw her at the bottom of the stairs Amber and Jasmine with her . "Yeah princess " picking her up . "Who they? " She pointed at the boys . I smiled . " They my friends " and pointed them out "Rick , Deni and Cody " .
After dropping to school we went to Starbucks . Well we missed the first period . Mom messaged me saying they were home so I took the group back home .
Dad was in the living room standing . Looking at the mess we created . Pillows and sheets on the floor and popcorn all around .
" Dad " I hugged him tightly . " Hey princess " he kissed my forehead .
" What's mess you created !" He laughed . I grinned . "Yeah I had friends over " I turned around and called them in . "I know you know them already " His face held shock .
"Ah my teenage members " he mumbled . The girls looked a little uncomfortable while the boys shook his hand .
"Sooo ... " I looked at him from under the lashes. He tensed . 'oh he knows what's coming '
"If they are a part can I be too ?" Giving my best puppy eyes and pout for effect . His face was hesitant . "Olivia , honey . It's dangerous . You know that " he sighed . "Please daddy . Pwetty pwetty pwease. " He ran his hand over his face . "Ok but you will not go on any mission unless fully trained " I hugged him again . "Thank you thank you thank you . " Kissing his cheek . He looked over to the boys . "If any thing happend to her I will skin you alive " his voice low , it gave me shivers . The boys gulped .
"Don't worry dad they all will teach me how to fight . " I smiled at him .

End of flashback

Yeah soo . They all were shocked how one of the most dangerous man on earth can't resist his daughters pout and puppy eyes . Well my dad sure is best .
So back to the cafeteria .
" We need a place where we can teach you how to sword fight " Amber said taking a bite if her apple . "I asked dad . He says they have a training ground where we can go " .
" Derek is looking at you again . " Hanna smirked . I sighed . "Stop it " feeling a little blush rise to my cheek .
They laughed . "Someone's gotta crush on somebody " Rick teased me. I huffed and looked away.
My phone rang and I excused myself from the table .
" Dad ? Anything wrong " . He never calls in school .
" Hey honey . No everything alright . Your mother forgot to charge the phone -" I chuckled. Yeah totally my mom . " So I called to tell you that we have to go to New York for the weekend , you can ask your friends to stay for the meantime . I don't want you and Bella alone " I nodded then blushed . ' he can't see you idiot ' . "Yeah ok . Love you . "
"Love you to honey " .
Going back to my table I told the group about the plan which they agreed to . Rick put his hand on my shoulder pulling me close . Cody tried not to laugh while the others looked away.
"What are you doing ? " I wispered .
"Just go with the flow " Rick whispers back in my ear . His lips touching my earlobe . I glared at him . He bit his lips , trying so hard not to laugh .
I huffed at got up from the table . They all burst into laughter. I pouted at walked away .
" Come-on Lia . Stop " Rick said still laughing . I walked toward the door into the empty hallway .
Stupid assholes. Laughing at me . I could feel someone behinds me so I turned . Derek walked towards me , his eyes held anger but his face was blank . I tilted my head ,confused .
'Did I do something wrong '
He came closer and I backed a little .
"Hey there kitten . " His voice was husky , so sexy .
I looked up in his eyes . God damn them .They were beautiful .
"What's your name ? " I moved back a little more only to come in contact with the locker . God he made me feel so funny .
"Don't you already know ." Trying to keep my composure .
He smirked at me . "I do,but I want you to introduce yourself . " I gulped .
"Why don't you start " I gave him a small smile . He moved even closer and I had no space to back out .
Putting one arm on the wall and other on my waist he pulled me closed .
Tracing his nose on my jaw ,sending tingling sensation through out my body, he inhaled . I kept still . To shocked to move . He kissed gently on my chin before looking in my eyes .
"Derek Hudson ." His voice laced with desire.
I opened my mouth to speak but closed it .
Gulping once again I pulled out of his reach and tucked my hair behind my ear .
"Olivia white " putting my hand forward for a handshake . His large hand engulfed mine . The tingling sensation would not leave .
"See you around Olivia " god I loved the way my name rolled of his tongue . " Yeah " I mumbled . I turned around and walked to my locker . Completely dazzled.
Then I realised what happened blushed and went to the washroom.
'What is happening to me ' . Splashing some water on my face I took deep breaths .
When I was calm enough I went outside , took my books and went to my chemistry class .

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