Chapter 2

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"Hello sweetie, how was your time?" she asked smiling

"Good i guess?" i said more as a question

"Okay i have a deal" she said

"Huh?" i asked

"i will hire you to be a fake girlfriend to one of my boys on magcon tour" she told me

"WHAT NO i never..... wait if i do can my friend know its fake?" i ask

"NO" she whispered yelled

"why?" i ask

"because if you guys have a fight she might use it, to get you hate" she told me

"O okay" i smiled

"okay i guess ill do the job" I told her

"okay youll get payed 5932 for a year" she said

"when do i start?" i ask

"next tour so now" she laughed

"ahhh what am i meant to say to my best friend?" i ask

"just say Joey ask you to say nothing" she told me

"WAIT i'm Joeys Birlems fake girlfriend but hes a dick!!!!!!!!" i say

"you already said you would do it" she said sternly

"pfft fine" i say as a sigh

"okay i am gonna take you backstage to meet joey" she told me

i wonder if hes gonna be a jerk or be nice he seemed nice when i saw a video but in real life he seems like a jerk i wonder why

"okay this is Joey" she smiles

"hi are you a fan" he said rolling his eyes

"no im not a fan" i said smirking

Joeys POV

shes hot i wonder why she back stage but i better not act like i like her or something like that

"no im not a fan" she said smirking

"Okay? whats your name?" i ask

"its dani" she said

"oh hi dani im joey"

thats cool but i dont care


"okay you two have to act like you have been dating for three months and Dani didn't want hate so you guys waiting but now she wants to tell the fans because you asked really nicely joey" the lady said sternly

'okay?" i said
"Why does she HAVE to be my gf" yelled Joey
"Because your fame has been going down so I thought this would help" explained the Manger

"Ugh fine...... when do we start?"Joey asked
"Now!" Told the manger

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