Goth! Stan x Goth! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this story contains self harm and suicide....your beautiful😍😍😍~


~Your POV~

Today I was sitting at the school with some of my friends and we are referred to as the goths... Today Michael said that a new guy is joining us, so I came to school early.

I opened the gate to the back of the school, I saw my friends and a handsome raven-haired boy... my heart beat harder. I shake off the feeling and walk towards them, "Hey guys who's the new guy?" I said looking at him

"This is Stan but we call him raven" Michael said sitting down in his usual spot

"Hey, Raven welcome to the goths, in (y/n)" I said sitting next to Henrietta

"cool," he said blushing and sat in between me and Pete.

~Two weeks later~

Me and Raven were talking we have got really close, we acted like a couple like holding hands, kissing each other's cheeks and all that conformist shit when a raven-haired girl came, "Hey stan, do you want to go out again?" she said looking down onto me, I look at Stan his face was full of joy.

"Yes wendy, I hated being goth anyway," he said blushing and getting up from his spot.

"Stan what about me?" I asked getting up

"well...(y/n) i was using get over wendy sorry" he said holding Wendy's hand

"Well Stan, this is why I'm goth because everyone stabs me in the back and one more were my reason to live and now you're my reason to die," I said with tears running down my eyes and I ran to my house.

I ran up to my room, my parents are never home. I locked the door, walking over to my bedside table, I opened the drawer to reveal a pile of razor blades. I pick the sharpest one, I lifted up my sleeve and placed the metal on my arm. I took a deep breath with tears running down my face, I slice my wrist making the blood run down my arm.

I lay on my bed nearly lifeless my body hurt, my tears have stopped but the bleeding has not... I felt myself slip away...I eyes became heavy...I began to see darkness overcome me...

~There will be two sides to the story, there is the suicide side Stan's POV~

I can't believe she is gone....I made the biggest mistake of my life...the day (y/n) died wendy cheated on me, I hated myself for using her.....this is my fault....I did this to her.....i know how she hurts to know that she loved me but...I was a dickhead.....I love her....but know she is gone...

I grab the gun off my bed and walked to the mirror, I checked the bullets before pressing it on my temple. I had tears running down my face, I pulled the trigger and my vision went black....I can finally be with (y/n) and do it right.

~The save Stan's POV~

I felt horrible for what I said to (y/n) so I went to her house, I knocked on the door and know one answered. I opened the door calling her name, the smell of metallic meet my nose. My eyes widened and I ran to her, I opened her bedroom door and saw (y/n) on her bed with blood on her arms. I ran to her and picked her up, I started to worry and I ran to the hospital.

Lucky she lived near the hospital, the people that walked passed me. Looked at me in shock, I keep running. As I arrived the doctors took her off me......

~An hour later~

I was sitting in a chair, in the waiting room. The doctor walked up to me, "Are you where for (y/n)?" I nodded and stood up

"Well, she is ok, we stopped the bleed and she is fine. You may go see her" I nodded and ran to her room. I entered her room, she was hooked up to machines, I sat on the chair beside her bed

she looked at me, "I'm so sorry (y/n), this is my fault, I'm so sorry. I love you not wendy, I love you" I said with tears running down my face

"Stan is pissed you said the things you said but I forgive you and love you. She said blushing. I grabbed her chin and kiss her, she is the one I truly love.

~soz if it sux~

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