Chapter 8- Why Does it Matter Anyway?

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I finally got out of the hospital a week later with my hands and feet still bandaged heavily.   

"You're free to go you two!" Madame Pomfrey said to Fred and I.  "Angelina dear, you'll stay for another day or two."  Angelina nodded and yawned in reply. The two of us walked out the hospital wing doors. We started down the long stone hall, in an awkward silence.   

"So, you're really a Malfoy?" Fred questioned quietly.  

"Yes, Fred.  My last name is Malfoy. Why does it matter anyway? I'm not horrible, am I? Just because my last name is Malfoy doesn' t mean that I'm anything like Draco!" I roared. Fred didn't look at me.   

"I know.  I'm sorry.  I know your nothing like Malf--Draco.  I have nothing against that.  I just can't figure out why you didn't trust us enough to tell us!  You know, George really likes you.  It really hurt him that you would lie to him like that." Fred whispered, trying to maintain a calm composure.  

"I just- I didn't think anyone would like me in Gryffindor if my brother was the cruelest student in Slytherin. I'm sorry, Fred.  I would never want to hurt anyone...especially George...." I chewed my thumbnail. Fred put his hand on my shoulder in a brotherly gesture.

"You don't need to apologize to me.  I think you should talk to George." He advised, I nodded. If a white lie about my real last name could bring on a fight like this, I couldn't imagine his reaction if he found out I was a werewolf.  

"Yeah. Thanks Fred." I gave him a quick hug and ran off for the Gryffindor common room.  I ran as fast as I could down the long hallway and then suddenly-WHAM!- I slammed face first into a wall. Wait... no not a wall-  

"George!" I clutched my face in surprise. He looked down at me suspiciously, his shaggy red hair hanging in his face.   "Oh George, I'm so sorry, I didn't think anyone would like me if they knew I was a Malfoy-"  

"I'm not mad." He said coolly.  

"I know, I know I shouldn't hav-Wait. You're not mad?"

  "No." He held out his hand and he pulled me up to my feet and hugged me. I melted into him. "I like you too much to be mad at you for who your family is." He said, I could feel his warm breath on my neck.  I squeezed him tighter, but I had to stand on my toes to get anywhere near his height.  

"I'm so glad. I really lo-like you too." I breathed into his red hair. I had to catch myself from saying 'love.', uh oh.  He pulled away.

  "Let's get back to the common room." He said, grabbing my hand. I intertwined my bandaged fingers with his and bit my lip to hide a loving smile. We walked slowly down the hall, our arms swinging between us.

  "How 'r Fred and Angelina?" He asked casually. I felt a pang of guilt.  

"Fred's wandering about the castle. Pomfrey's keeping Angelina another day or so." I said guiltily.  

"Well thank god Fred's okay." He sighed. "How are you doing anyway?"

"Oh, just fine thanks.  Lost some feeling in my legs and my other hand. Madame P. says they'll be back to normal soon though." I sighed.  

"God.  How'd you manage that?" He asked.

  "Frostbite." I shrugged. We walked up to the portrait of the fat lady and whispered the password. We both scrambled inside. The fire was roaring and emitted a warm, friendly glow. Gryffindors were strewn lazily about the common room. Harry, Ron, and Ginny stood in the corner playing exploding snap while Hermione and Alicia were chatting in low voices in the corner. The whole scene was just too perfect to describe. Nothing could have ever been as peaceful in Slytherin, the camaraderie certainly was new to me.  George led me over to the cherry-red, leather couch by the fire. I sat down next to him and scooted closer so I was leaning against him.  

"This is amazing." I said.  

"What?" he asked.  

"All of this. Slytherin would never be this cheerful." I yawned, eyelids growing heavy.

  "I'm really glad you got to come to Gryffindor." He replied, tiredly.  Leaning over, I rested my head on George's shoulder and he rested his head on mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Hermione and Alicia staring at us, even Ron, Ginny, and Harry had stopped to look. All I could do was wink at them as I began to drift off to sleep. 


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