Chapter 1: Smoke

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   I was choking. Struggling in vain to gulp in some fresh, clean air. It was no use, the smoke filled my nose, every corner of my lungs, and stung my eyes. The smell of the burning forest was too much for my sensitive nose. I gasped and coughed as I struggled to keep moving, away from the red demon that threatened to reduce me to nothing, but my legs felt like they were pushing against quicksand, slowly sinking into the ground.

   Finally, I gave up. Half of my brain screamed at me to keep moving, but the other half let me sink down onto the ground, welcoming the cold earth against my burning body. Slowly, I felt the fur fall away, the claws disappear, the fangs dissolve. Everything seemed much calmer, the sights, the scents, the sounds not as colourful as before.

   I began to feel the heat rising around me, the demon come to claim me and my mind, now completely my own, screamed in terror, while my body seemed indifferent to the fact that it would soon be consumed. How is it that something we need to keep us warm, that we need to survive, can also kill us so easily? How one little mistake can make it lash out at you like a dangerous beast?

   Almost like a bear, just more deadly. A bear attacked me once, when I was roaming the upper parts of the forest in search of prey. Its head turned this way and that as I tried to dodge away from its teeth, which searched for a limb to sink into and tear. The grizzly swiped its massive paw at me then, the hooked claws sinking into my upper arm, the pain so intense I howled in anguish. That one sound was all it took for another to find me. He threw himself at the grizzly, biting into its neck, raking his razor sharp claws across its muzzle. I remember watching them battle through tear-glazed eyes, filled with awe at the power in both creatures. In the end, the bear turned and left and my rescuer staggered towards me, a deep gash in his side. I reached out to touch his wound, teeth clenched against the pain, but instead he slipped his hand into mine, twining our fingers together, running his thumb over mine. We stayed that way for a while, staring at each other, my hazel eyes on him, his green eyes on me. Then, he lifted me into his arms and carried me all the way home, and I feel asleep pressed against his warm body.

   I regained consciousness enough to realize that the heat had died down and that, just like the day with the bear, I was pressed tightly against someone, their strong arms around me. I tilted my head back slightly, trying to get a good look at their face, but it was too dark. There was a flash of light from behind us and I managed to get a glimpse of black hair and pale blue eyes. My head started to spin and I began to see black spots in front of my eyes.

   No! It can't be him, no, no, no... The darkness engulfed me, and I willingly fell into it.


   Hey everyone! So this was the first chapter of my werewolf novel, The Bitten Wolf. For now it's under Werewolf and Teen Fiction, but I don't know if it'll stay that way.

   Anyway, for those of you reading my current novel "Handsome & the Geek", this novel was written before it, I'm just uploading it onto Wattpad now.

   For character pictures check out this link:

   Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think :) It's definitely not as well written as some of my newer stuff, but I'd say it's decent, if a bit short.

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