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'Most of these niggas let bitches distract them from getting paper, I can't have that. Them nothing bitches, y'all can have that-. . .'

A small hand pressed into Ro's right shoulder blade, and he grabbed Kensli's hand before guiding her towards the first step, and making her sit down.

He took his headphones out, and wrapped them around his phone before putting it into the pocket of his hoodie. "Your dad is the most irresponsible person that I know"

Chancelor stuck his head out the door before looking at his one and a half year old daughter. "Ro talking shit, Kens?"

"You already know that I was, nigga" Pharoah dug his finger into Kensli's pot belly.

She pushed his hand away before standing, and climbing over the step on all fours.

Chance took her back into the house.

Ro could see Nadir and Elisa walking towards the house, and he could hear the school bus in the distance.

Nadir was Chance's sister, and Elisa was her best friend.

They passed him on the porch, and Ro turned to look at Lisha's ass before laughing to himself and standing up himself.

"Pharoah Ennis-Rohan Harmon" Chancelor called out to him. "RoRo"

Ro scowled at the fact that his full name was being used.

His name was long because he was supposed to have a twin brother, but he had died in the womb. So he carried his name too.

Ro ignored him, and followed Nadir and Elisa up to Nadir's room.

Nadir could feel herself growing nervous around him.

She didn't talk to him at all because he almost always put her out of her comfort zone.

Maybe today, she would talk to them.

Then again, maybe not.


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