Chapter 1

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Leah Appleton and her friend Brooke were seated at the local coffee shop.

Leah was sitting flipping through the local newspaper as her friend Brooke ate breakfast. She gave a big sigh as she turned to the classified section.

"I need a job Brooke." Leah told her friend.

"McDonald's is hiring." Brooke said as she scooped jelly onto her toast.

Leah looked up with a glare. 

"Really Brooke! How is that job going to pay mom's medical bills? No, I need a good paying job. I've got typing and computer skills, plus filing and accounting. Surly someone would hire me." She muttered as she skimmed through the second column of the hiring section.

Brooke shrugged. "Yeah, but who's hiring?"

"Oh, oh! Here's one." Leah exclaimed excitedly then as she pointed. "CEO Brandon Sharp of Brewster Enterprises needs a secretary!"

Brooke practically spit her coffee on the table.

"Brandon Sharp will chew you up and spit you out! He's a tyrant to work for and a womanizer!" Brooke almost screeched causing heads to turn.

Leah raised her eyes to look at her friend. "First, sh...keep it down! Second, how do you know this?"

Brooke huffed and rolled her eyes. "Everyone knows this!"

"I don't."

"Okay! Brandon Sharp is like thirty something, I think, and has mega money. So, he's always pictured in the society pages with some new red head on his arm." Brooke explained.

" he's rich and likes red heads. Lots of guys play the field. But I'm not concerned about his personal life because I'm not applying to be his girlfriend. I'm going to apply for the job because I need one!" Leah told her.

"Don't get huffy with me! Anyway, I have a cousin, who has a friend who worked for him. She quit after two months and left in tears. She said he was never happy with anything she did and was always yelling at her." Brooke said, nodding as if that explained it all.

Leah sighed.

"Well, at what they're offering as pay, two months would go a long way in paying the bills that we've racked up." She took a deep breath. "I'll just have to wow him into keeping me because I really need the money they'll pay me Brooke."

Brooke shrugged. "Then do a good job and spread your legs for him. Womanizer that he is, that's a sure way to keep your job."

Leah gaped at her, wondering again why they were even friends. Brooke knew she wasn't the type to do that!

"Brooke! I'm not 'spreading my legs' as you so crudely put it for the man."

Brooke shrugged and went back to eating her eggs.

Folding up the paper, Leah stood. "I'm off to fix up my resume, I'll see you later."

"Yeah, later, and good luck!" Brooke said then muttered, "You're gonna need it!"


The next morning at ten am, Leah was standing in front of Brewster Enterprises, resume in hand, ready for her interview.

It was one of the largest businesses in the city and she hoped to get the job.

Her mother had been sick for a while now and her medical bills had quickly eaten through their savings and a second mortgage on the house.

Leah NEEDED this job and its pay!

She'd dressed in the nicest outfit she had, a three-year-old pair of black dress slacks with a matching black and white blouse. She had on a pair of black flats, a pair of simple gold hoops in her ears and her hair in a French twist.

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